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A Kingdom of Flesh and Fire

Blood and Ash (Series)

Book 2

Jennifer L. Armentrout Author

UFOs and Aliens

Blast Off to Space (Series)

Arnold Ringstad Author

His Only Wife

Peace Adzo Medie Author

Everything Sad Is Untrue

Daniel Nayeri Author


Darcie Little Badger Author
Rovina Cai Illustrator

Ever After

Olivia Vieweg Author
Olivia Vieweg Illustrator


Yamile Saied Méndez Author

100 Cookies

Sarah Kieffer Author

Out on a Limb

Cassandra: Animal Psychic (Series)

Book 2

Isabelle Bottier Author
Hélène Canac Illustrator

How to Argue With a Racist

Adam Rutherford Author

The Girl in the Mirror

Rose Carlyle Author

Skunk and Badger

Skunk and Badger (Series)

Book 1

Amy Timberlake Author
Jon Klassen Illustrator

Anti-Inflammatory Diet For...

Artemis Morris Author
Molly Rossiter Author

A Lonely Girl is a Dangerous...

Jessie Tu Author

Even As We Breathe

Annette Saunooke Clapsaddle Author


Marilyn Singer Author


Dino-Holidays (Series)

Lisa Wheeler Author
Barry Gott Illustrator

The Scapegracers

Scapegracers (Series)

Book 1

Hannah Abigail Clarke Author

United States Code Service

United States Code Service (Series)

Publisher's Editorial Staff Author

With or Without You

Caroline Leavitt Author

The Unlocking Season

Joanne Kilbourn Mystery (Series)

Book 19

Gail Bowen Author

Ariana Grande

Boss Lady Bios (Alternator Books ®) (Series)

Heather E. Schwartz Author


Dark Protectors (Series)

Rebecca Zanetti Author

If You Come to Earth

Sophie Blackall Illustrator

A Better Man

Michael Ian Black Author

Doing the Right Thing

Social and Emotional Learning (Series)

Alyssa Krekelberg Author

The Secret Cave

Wolf Girl (Series)

Book 3

Anh Do Author
Lachlan Creagh Author

The Unofficial Guide to...

My Minecraft (Alternator Books ®) (Series)

Linda Zajac Author

Crank Palace

Maze Runner (Series)

James Dashner Author

Body Talk

Kelly Jensen Author


Heidi Pitlor Author

A Thief Among the Trees

An Ember in the Ashes (Series)

Sabaa Tahir Author
Nicole Andelfinger Author

Storey's Curious Compendium...

How-To Experts at Storey Publishing Author

The Lives of Edie Pritchard

Larry Watson Author

Young Gifted and Black

Jamia Wilson Author
Andrea Pippins Illustrator

27 Essential Principles of Story

Daniel Joshua Rubin Author

How to Astronaut

Terry Virts Author


Jill McCorkle Author

The New Rules of Aging Well

Frank Lipman Author
Danielle Claro Author

The Mexican Home Kitchen

Mely Martínez Author

Value Investing

Wiley Finance (Series)

Bruce C. Greenwald Author
Judd Kahn Author

A House Is a Body

Shruti Swamy Author

The Falling Woman

Richard Farrell Author

The White Cat and the Monk

Jo Ellen Bogart Author
Sydney Smith Illustrator

Morris Micklewhite and the...

Christine Baldacchino Author
Isabelle Malenfant Illustrator

A Family Is a Family Is a Family

Sara O'Leary Author
Qin Leng Illustrator

The Practice of the Wild

Gary Snyder Author
Robert Hass Author of introduction, etc.