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Modern Problems of...

P I Pronin Editor
Yu N Obukhov Editor

A Bouquet of Dyson

Jeremy Bernstein Author

Dynamical Modeling In...

Franco Bagnoli Author
Stefano Ruffo Author


Calvin S Kalman Author
I D' Souza Author

Nuclear Shells--50...

Yu Ts Oganessian Editor
Rumiana Kalpakchieva Editor

Nonparametric Inference

Zakkula Govindarajulu Author

Mathematical Foundation of...

Masami Ito Editor
Do Long Van Editor

The Conference On L-functions

Lin Weng Editor
Masanobu Kaneko Editor

Linear Partial Differential...

Luigi Rodino Author

Geometrical Aspects of...

Andrei A Bytsenko Editor
Antonio E Goncalves Editor

Surgical Complications

Nadey S Hakim Author
Vassilios E Papalois Author

Galois' Theory of Algebraic...

Jean-Pierre Tignol Author

Mathematics and Science

Ronald E Mickens Editor

Nature Not Mocked

Peter Day Author

Maize Genetics and Breeding...

Peter A Peterson Editor
Angelo Bianchi Editor

In Bytes We Travel

Hsin Hsin Lin Author

Automata Theory

Matthew Simon Author


P R Wallace Author

Worldviews, Science and Us

Diederik Aerts Editor
Nicole Note Editor

White Blood

Mel Greaves Editor

Modeling Black Hole Evaporation

Jose Navarro-salas Author
Alessandro Fabbri Author

Closing the Eu East-west...

David A Dyker Editor

Physics and Combinatorics,...

Anatol N Kirillov Editor
Akihiro Tsuchiya Editor

Problem Solving In a Dynamic...

Yan Hong Ng Author
Shou-fong Chin Author

Mathematical Physics...

Rafael De La Llave Editor
Hans A Koch Editor

Colour Atlas of Ophthalmology ()

Arthur S M Lim Author
Ian Constable Author

Unitary Representations of...

Shinsaku Kitakado Translator
Tadao Sugiyama Translator

Strange Quarks In Hadrons,...

Kenneth H Hicks Editor

Industrial Clusters In...

Davide Chiaroni Author
Vittorio Chiesa Author

Boundary Value Problems of...

Shien Siu Shu Author

Lectures On Dynamical Systems...

Kotik K Lee Author

Quantum Physics and Observed...

Hermann Wimmel Author

A Brief History of Economics

E Ray Canterbery Author

Structure, Context,...

Karl-erik Eriksson Author
Kristian Lindgren Author

Lectures On Differential...

Buchin Su Author

Non-equilibrium Statistical...

Xavier de Hemptinne Author

Ideals and Realities

Azim Kidwai Author
Choy Heng Lai Author

Renaissance of Sciences In...

H R Dalafi Editor
M H A Hassan Editor

Science, Faith and Ethics

Larry L Hench Author

Frontiers of Reliability

On Quality, Reliability and Engineering Statistics (Series)

Asit P Basu Author
Sujit K Basu Author

Exotic Nuclei and...

Sabin Stoica Editor
Livius Trache Editor


Paul M Bellan Author

Problems of Multiphase Fluid...

A N Konovalov Author

Shedding the Veil

Thomas Suarez Author

Random Walk, Sequential...

Agnes Chao Hsiung Editor
Zhiliang Ying Editor

Recent Achievements and...

Giovanni La Rana Editor
Cosimo Signorini Editor

Structure of Hilbert Space...

Chunlan Jiang Author
Zongyao Wang Author