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Mustafa Ozilgen Author
Esra Sorguven Oner Author

Buildings and Schubert Schemes

Carlos Contou-Carrere Author

Computational Science and...

Arpan Deyasi Editor
Soumen Mukherjee Editor

Contaminated Sediments in...

Frank R. Spellman Author

Decision-Making in High Risk...

Anthony J. Spurgin Author
David W. Stupples Author

Analysis and Analyzers

Béla G. Lipták Editor
Kriszta Venczel Editor

Geologic Fundamentals of...

David R. Boden Author

Mining in the Himalayas

A.K. Soni Author

Renewable Energy Systems

Viktor Perelmuter Author

Results-Based Systematic...

Hakan Butuner Author

Spatial Health Inequalities

Esra Ozdenerol Author

Strategic GIS Planning and...

David A. Holdstock Author

Hydrologic Remote Sensing

Yang Hong Editor
Yu Zhang Editor

Numerical Methods in...

Jamshid Ghaboussi Author
Xiping Steven Wu Author

Large Turbo-Generators

Isidor Kerszenbaum Author
Geoff Klempner Author

Wetland Indicators

Ralph W. Tiner Author

Handbook of Metal-Microbe...

Surajit Das Editor
Hirak Ranjan Dash Editor

Municipal Solid Waste...

Sunil Kumar Author

Robust Control Engineering

Mario Garcia-Sanz Author

The Mathematics of Politics

E. Arthur Robinson Author
Daniel H. Ullman Author

Electric Drives

Ion Boldea Author
Syed A. Nasar Author

Phase Equilibria in Ionic...

Anand Bharti Author
Debashis Kundu Author

Photovoltaic Systems Engineering

Roger A. Messenger Author
Amir Abtahi Author

Environmental Chemistry

Stanley Manahan Author

Smart Civil Structures

You-Lin Xu Author
Jia He Author

Principles of Fire Behavior

James G. Quintiere Author

The Societal Burden of Child...

Lisa Albers Prock Editor

Integrating Healthcare with...

Wendy Currie Author
David Finnegan Author

Caring for Dying People of...

Rabbi Julia Neuberger Author

COPD in Primary Care

Anita Sharma Author
Penney Vasey Author

Introduction to the Physical...

Christos Ritzoulis Author

Challenging Glass 4 & COST...

Christian Louter Editor
Freek Bos Editor

Handbook of Refinery...

Nour Shafik El-Gendy Author

Polymers for Advanced...

Gennady E. Zaikov Editor
Liliya I. Bazylyak Editor

Engineering Materials

K.m. Gupta Author

Handbook of Therapeutic...

Sherry X. Yang Editor
Janet E. Dancey Editor

Hydrogenated Dilute Nitride...

Gianluca Ciatto Editor

The Premixing Method

Coastal Development Institute Tokyo Editor

Nanomaterials for Lithium-Ion...

Rachid Yazami Editor

Concrete Petrography

Alan B. Poole Editor
Ian Sims Editor

Functional Cobalt Oxides

Tsuyoshi Takami Editor

Nanoimprint Biosensors

Takeo Nishikawa Editor
Satoshi Fujita Editor

Carbon-Based Electronics

Ashok Srivastava Author

Bionanomaterials for Dental...

Mieczyslaw Jurczyk Editor

Applied Methodologies in...

Abbas Hamrang Editor
Devrim Balkose Editor

Advances in Civil Engineering...

Shuenn-Yih Chang Editor
Suad Khalid Al Bahar Editor

Advanced Materials,...

Seung Hong Editor
Junwon Seo Editor

Maritime Technology and...

Carlos Guedes Soares Editor
T.A. Santos Editor