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Microbial Wastewater Treatment

Maulin P. Shah Editor
Susana Rodriguez-Couto Editor

Hydraulic Fracturing in...

Hoss Belyadi Author
Ebrahim Fathi Author

Arousal in Neurological and...

Edgar Garcia-Rill Editor

Forensic Firearm Examination

Chris Monturo Author

Andean Tectonics

Brian K. Horton Editor
Andrés Folguera Editor

Acceptance and Commitment...

Koa Whittingham Author
Lisa Coyne Author

Handbook of Farm, Dairy and...

Myer Kutz Editor

Panel Data Econometrics

Mike Tsionas Editor

Distributed Power Resources

Ruisheng Li Author

Contemporary Psychodynamic...

David Kealy Editor
John S. Ogrodniczuk Editor

Untangling Smart Cities

Luca Mora Author
Mark Deakin Author

Buying and Selling the...

Gabriela Scheufele Author
Jeff Bennett Author

Accurate Results in the...

Amitava Dasgupta Editor
Jorge L. Sepulveda Editor

The Wolff-Kishner Reduction...

David E. Lewis Author

Green Food Processing Techniques

Farid Chemat Editor
Eugene Vorobiev Editor

Electrochemical Biosensors

Ali A. Ensafi Editor

Nervous System Drug Delivery

Russell R. Lonser Editor
Malisa Sarntinoranont Editor

The Psychology of Learning...

Kara D. Federmeier Other

Diverse Pathways to Parenthood

Damien Riggs Author

Feed Additives

Panagiota Florou-Paneri Editor
Efterpi Christaki Editor

Valorization of Fruit...

Charis M. Galanakis Editor

New Techniques for Management...

Michael E. Sughrue Editor
Isaac Yang Editor

Fundamentals and Emerging...

Masoud Mozafari Editor
Narendra Pal Singh Chauhan Editor

Integrated Coastal Management...

Tetsuo Yanagi Editor

Purification and...

Thomas E. Crowley Author

Ecophysiology of Pesticides

Talat Parween Author
Sumira Jan Author


Jeffrey M. Witkin Other

Liengme's Guide to Excel 2016...

Bernard Liengme Author
Keith Hekman Author

Food Safety and Human Health

Ram Lakhan Singh Editor
Sukanta Mondal Editor

Distributed Energy Resources...

Rajeev Kumar Chauhan Editor
Kalpana Chauhan Editor

Formulas and Calculations for...

Cenk Temizel Author
Tayfun Tuna Author

A New Ecology

Soeren Nors Nielsen Author
Brian D. Fath Author

Functional Food Ingredients...

Isabel C.F.R. Ferreira Other
Lillian Barros Other

Modern Environmental Analysis...

Chaudhery Mustansar Hussain Author
Rustem Kecili Author

Ecology of Desert Systems

Walter G. Whitford Author
Benjamin D. Duval Author

Nucleic Acids as Gene...

Loutfy H. Madkour Author

Mechanical Properties of...

Weihong Zhang Author
Yingjie Xu Author

Cardiovascular Implications...

Paul D. Chantler Editor
Kevin T. Larkin Editor

Applied Plant Biotechnology...

Palmiro Poltronieri Editor
Yiguo Hong Editor

Electric Motors and Drives

Austin Hughes Author
Bill Drury Author

Virus Entry

Thomas Mettenleiter Editor
Margaret Kielian Editor

Nanomaterials for Solar Cell...

Sabu Thomas Editor
El Hadji Mamour Sakho Editor

Metal Fatigue

Yukitaka Murakami Author

Durability and Reliability of...

Plastics Design Library (Series)

Hsinjin Edwin Yang Editor
Roger French Editor

Further Developments in the...

D.R. Fraser Taylor Editor
Erik Anonby Editor

Advances in Immunology

ISSN (Series)

Frederick W. Alt Editor

Clinical Research in...

Woodhead Publishing in Biomedicine (Series)

Philippe Auby Editor

Ultra-wide Bandgap...

Materials Today (Series)

Meiyong Liao Editor
Bo Shen Editor