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Beyond the Triangle

Sabir Umarov Author
Marjorie Hahn Author

Microscopic and Macroscopic...

William Graham Hoover Author
Carol Griswold Hoover Author

The Economics of Small Business

Roger A McCain Author

Advanced Finance Theories

Ser-Huang Poon Author

Synchrotron Radiation...

Xinyi Zhang Editor

Financing Universal Access to...

World Scientific Series in Health Investment and Financing (Series)

Alexander S Preker Author

Lifting Productivity in...

Mun Heng Toh Author

Swept-Source Optical...

Kelvin Y C Teo Author
Chee Wai Wong Author

Tu Youyou's Journey in the...

Wenhu Zhang Author
Yiran Shao Author

Inequality and Global...

E Ray Canterbery Author

Inception Point

James Low Author

Mathematics Almost Everywhere

Alexandra Bellow Editor
Cristian S Calude Editor

Coronary CT Angiography in...

Zhonghua Sun Author

Solid State Quantum...

Wonmin Son Author
Vlatko Vedral Author

Advanced Concepts in Nuclear...

Modern Nuclear Energy Analysis Methods (Series)

Tunc Aldemir Editor

Analysis of the Korean Stock...

Keunsoo Kim Author
Jinho Byun Author

Postgraduate Vascular Surgery

Clinical Talk (Series)

Vish Bhattacharya Editor
Gerard Stansby Editor

China's Township System

Licai Wu Author

Univer-Cities: Strategic...

Anthony SC Teo Editor

A Bouquet of Dyson

Jeremy Bernstein Author

Innovation and Entrepreneurship

Otto Chui Chau Lin Author

A Mathematical Modeling...

William E Schiesser Author

Fundamentals of Tribology

Ramsey Gohar Author
Homer Rahnejat Author

The Immense Journey

Gerald E Marsh Author

Beams and Accelerators with...

Dan Green Author

Ceramic Electrolytes for...

Masashi Kotobuki Author
Shufeng Song Author

Applications of Tensor...

Victor A Eremeyev Author
Michael J Cloud Author

Optoelectronic Devices

Niloy K Dutta Author
Xiang Zhang Author

Sustainability and...

Xiumei Guo Editor
Dora Marinova Editor

Crowds in Equations

Advanced Textbooks in Mathematics (Series)

Bertrand Maury Author
Sylvain Faure Author

Weighted Inequalities...

William Desmond Evans Author
Amiran Gogatishvili Author

Fireworks in a Dark Universe

Amir Levinson Author

The Paper Puzzle Book

Ilan Garibi Author
David Goodman Author

The Tangram Puzzle Book

David Goodman Author
Ilan Garibi Author

Silver Recovery from Assorted...

Syed Sabir Editor

Researching Open Innovation...

Wim Vanhaverbeke Editor
Federico Frattini Editor

An Introduction to the...

Michael Soltys Author

Basics of Transport and...

Toshiari Saegusa Editor
Gilles Sert Editor

The Story of Antimatter

Guennadi Borissov Author

Governance Institutions and...

Kartik Roy Author

Materials Concepts for Solar...

Thomas Dittrich Author

Problems and Solutions in...

Willi-Hans Steeb Author
Yorick Hardy Author

Lipschitz Algebras

Nik Weaver Author

Klein's Last Quarterly...

Econometrics in the Information Age: Theory and Practice of Measurement (Series)

Book 10

Shinichi Ichimura Editor
Soshichi Kinoshita Editor