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The Ethical Detective

Rachel Haliburton Author

Law, Economics, and Game Theory

John Cirace Author

Aristocratic Souls in...

Political Theory for Today (Series)

Richard Avramenko Editor
Ethan Alexander-Davey Editor

Ernst Lubitsch's the Student...

John W. Fawell Author

Social, Mobile, and Emerging...

Alexander V. Laskin Editor
Kathryn E. Anthony Contributor

Contemporary Russo–Turkish...

Ali Askerov Editor
Ilyas Topsakal Contributor

Corpse Encounters

Jacqueline Elam Author
Chase Pielak Author

Gender, Ethnicity, and...

Critical African Studies in Gender and Sexuality (Series)

Lyn Ossome Author

Challenging Reproductive...

Lexington Studies in Health Communication (Series)

Leandra Hinojosa Hernández Author
Sarah De Los Santos Upton Author

The Constitutive a Priori

Arthur Sullivan Author

US Public Memory, Rhetoric,...

Lexington Studies in Contemporary Rhetoric (Series)

Roger C. Aden Editor
Lisa Benton-Short Contributor

Food Policy and Food Security

Russian, Eurasian, and Eastern European Politics (Series)

Stephen K. Wegren Author
Alexander Nikulin Author

The Pursuit of Happiness and...

Politics, Literature, & Film (Series)

Elizabeth Amato Author

Between Democracy and...

Franklin Barr Lebo Author

Stalin's Legacy in Romania

The Harvard Cold War Studies Book (Series)

Stefano Bottoni Author

Prison Bureaucracies in the...

Brian Norris Author

The Garden of Reality

Roland Faber Author

The Child in World Cinema

Children and Youth in Popular Culture (Series)

Debbie Olson Editor
Michael Brodski Contributor

Mereologies, Ontologies, and...

Paul M. W. Hackett Editor
Paul M. W. Hackett Contributor

Tajikistan on the Move

Contemporary Central Asia: Societies, Politics, and Cultures (Series)

Marlene Laruelle Editor
Michele Commercio Contributor

Augustine and Wittgenstein

Augustine in Conversation: Tradition and Innovation (Series)

Kim Paffenroth Editor
Alexander R. Eodice Editor

Truth in Advertising?

Barbara Allen Author
Daniel Stevens Author

Reshaping Beloved Community

The Africana Experience and Critical Leadership Studies (Series)

Marlon A. Smith Author

Smash the Pillars

Decolonial Options for the Social Sciences (Series)

Melissa F. Weiner Editor
Antonio Carmona Báez Editor

Poor Participation

Democratic Dilemmas and Policy Responsiveness (Series)

Thomas A. Bryer Author
Sofia Prysmakova-Rivera Author

American Roma

Melanie R. Covert Author

Sam Houston and Mirabeau Lamar

Christopher J. Ryan Author

How Families Matter

Pamela Braboy Jackson Author
Rashawn Ray Author

Gender and Development in...

Critical African Studies in Gender and Sexuality (Series)

Funmi Soetan Editor
Bola Akanji Editor

From Disability Theory to...

Christopher A. Riddle Editor
Christopher A. Riddle Contributor


Malynnda A. Johnson Author

Liberalization and Culture in...

Ari Ofengenden Author

Spirituality and Deep...

Michael C. Brannigan Editor
Fred Boehrer Contributor

Predicting Hotspots

Atin Basuchoudhary Author
James T. Bang Author

Emerging Scholarship on the...

Katlyn Quenzer Editor
Maria Syed Editor

Knowing Self, Changing Self

Scotty Enyart Author

The Dialectics of Post-Soviet...

Contemporary Central Asia: Societies, Politics, and Cultures (Series)

Murad Ismayilov Author

Television Storyworlds as...

M. King Adkins Author

Music Wars

John C. Hajduk Author

Peirce and Religion

American Philosophy (Series)

Roger Ward Author

Kierkegaard and the...

Will Williams Author

Rethinking the Theory of...

John Smithin Author

Digital Inclusion

Communication, Globalization, and Cultural Identity (Series)

Massimo Ragnedda Editor
Bruce Mutsvairo Editor

Political Humor in a Changing...

Lexington Studies in Political Communication (Series)

Jody C. Baumgartner Editor
Amy B. Becker Editor

Edges of Global Transformation

Håkon Fyhn Editor
Harald Aspen Editor

Constructing Feminine to Mean

Abdelkader Fassi Fehri Author

Foundation for a Natural...

Edmund Wall Author


Nirode Mohanty Author