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Patrick K. Jjemba Author

Turbulent Fluid Flow

Peter S. Bernard Author

Principles of Forensic...

Luca Fiorentini Author
Luca Marmo Author

Managing Technology and...

Peter Flinn Author

Catalytic Chemical Vapor...

Hideki Matsumura Author
Hironobu Umemoto Author

High Performance Technical...

Roshan Paul Editor

Metal Oxide Varistors

Jinliang He Author

Wind Effects on Structures

Emil Simiu Author
DongHun Yeo Author

Granular Geomaterials...

Etienne Frossard Author

Ferroelectric Materials for...

Haitao Huang Editor
James F. Scott Editor

Handbook of 3D Integration,...

Paul D. Franzon Editor
Erik Jan Marinissen Editor

Functional Organic Liquids

Takashi Nakanishi Editor

Carbon Dioxide Sensing

Gerald Gerlach Editor
Ulrich Guth Editor

Harsh Environment Electronics

Ahmed Sharif Editor

A Handbook on High Value...

Saurabh Saran Editor
Vikash Babu Editor

Elements of Molecular and...

Jean-Michel Savéant Author
Cyrille Costentin Author

LTE Advanced Pro

Frédéric Launay Author
André Perez Author

The Science Beneath Organic...

David Atkinson Editor
Christine A. Watson Editor


Beata Luszczynska Editor
Krzysztof Matyjaszewski Editor

Integrating Work Health and...

Helen Lingard Author
Ron Wakefield Author

Chemical Engineering in the...

David J. am Ende Editor
Mary T. am Ende Editor

Design and Analysis of...

Automotive (Series)

Vladimir Kobelev Author

QoS for Fixed and Mobile...

Wiley--IEEE (Series)

Toni Janevski Author

Advances in Embedded and...

Wiley--IEEE (Series)

Beth Keser Editor
Steffen Kroehnert Editor

Handbuch zu DIN...

Heinz-Martin Fischer Author
Martin Schneider Author

Ecology and Management of...

Dan Binkley Author
Richard F. Fisher Author

Taschenbuch für den...

Taschenbuch Tunnelbau (Series)

Deutsche Gesellschaft für Geotechnik Author

Nanomaterials in Advanced...

Hossein Hosseinkhani Author


Len Pannett Author

Keras to Kubernetes

Dattaraj Rao Author

Complete Book of Framing

RSMeans (Series)

Scot Simpson Author

The Wireless Internet of Things

Daniel Chew Author

Polymers from Plant Oils

Alessandro Gandini Author
Talita M. Lacerda Author

Dynamics and Control of...

Shiping Liu Author
Gang S. Chen Author

Food, Fermentation, and Micro...

Charles W. Bamforth Author
David J. Cook Author

Empfehlungen des...

Geotechnik Editor

Whey Protein Production,...

Mingruo Guo Editor

Topographical Tools for...

Fernand Meyer Author

Essentials of Polymer...

Antoine Thomas Author

The Road to Quality Control

Nicholas Fisher Author
Yutaka Tanaka Author

OMICS-Based Approaches in...

Rintu Banerjee Editor
Garlapati Vijay Kumar Editor

Fractional Dynamics on...

Thomas Michelitsch Author
Alejandro Perez Riascos Author

Renewable Energy and Climate...

Volker V. Quaschning Author


Hansjoerg Kraehmer Editor

Industry 4.0

Jean-Claude André Author

Optimization for Engineering...

Kaushik Kumar Editor
J. Paulo Davim Editor

Ultra-Dense Networks for 5G...

Trung Q. Duong Editor
Xiaoli Chu Editor

Plastics Waste Management

Muralisrinivasan Natamai Subramanian Author