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Le Québec à l'aube du nouveau...

Marie-Christine Weidmann Koop Editor

Handbook on Firesetting in...

David J. Kolko Editor

Using Visual Evidence

Richard Howells Author
Robert Matson Author

Anglo-Saxon Studies in...

Izola Noll Author

Concepts of Archaeology

Adrianna Reynolds Author

Death and Culture

Tamesha Clements Author

Encyclopedia of...

Isaac Neff Author

Encyclopedia of World's...

Garfield Driver Author

Adolescent Psyche and...

Erica Barney Author

Understanding Advocacy For...

Jane Boylan Author
Jane Dalrymple Author

Chile más equitativo

Claudio Sapelli Author

Encyclopedia of the Sixties

Abbe A. Debolt Editor
James S. Baugess Editor


Trevin Nguyen Author

Pseudoarchaeology and its...

Summer Acuna Author

Prominent Concepts in...

Lia Knoll Author

Social Justice and Social Ethics

Lesley Coffman Author

Significant Characteristics...

Pierre William Author

Guide de réflexion sur les...

François Ruph Author

Culture populaire et...

Moniques Richard Author

La famille à l'horizon 2020

Gilles Pronovost Editor
Chantale Dumont Editor

La mort

Colette Gendron Author
Micheline Carrier Author

L' étude de cas comme méthode...

Yves-Chantal Gagnon Author

L' univers du temps libre et...

Gilles Pronovost Author

Social Security Handbook 2011

Government Author

Race And Ethnicity In A...

Charlotte Williams Author
Johnson Mark R. D. Author

China Cross Talk

Scott Kennedy Editor

Social Responsibility

Matjaz Mulej Editor
Robert G. Dyck Editor

S'intégrer pour s'enrichir

Elias Ayuk Editor
Samuel Kaboré Editor


Sue Coe Author

The Manchester School

T. M. S. (Terry) Evens Editor
Don Handelman Editor

Enem Nota Máxima--Ciências...

André Almeida de Souza Cavalcanti E Pedro Sales Author

The Life Of Property

Timothy Jenkins Author

We The Cosmopolitans

Lisette Josephides Editor
Alexandra Hall Editor

Transnational Families,...

Elisabetta Zontini Author

Years Of Conflict

Jason Hart Editor

Patients And Agents

Alyson Callan Author

Reconceiving The Second Sex

Marcia C. Inhorn Editor
Maruska la Cour Mosegaard Editor

Silence, Screen, And Spectacle

Lindsey A. Freeman Editor
Benjamin Nienass Editor

Concept and Application of...

Hester du Plessis Author
Jeffrey Sehume Author

¿Por qué no me quieren?

Eugenio Tironi Author


Les Robinson Author

Drama in Performance

Raymond Williams Author

The Company She Keeps

Valerie Hey Author

Understanding the Consultation

Tim Usherwood Author

Strangers Either Way

Jasna Čapo Zmegač Author

Security & Development

John-Andrew McNeish Editor
Jon Harald Sande Lie Editor

Transnational Nomads

Cindy Horst Author


Graziella Caselli Other
Jacques Vallin Other