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Lost on Planet China

J. Maarten Troost Author

The Shyness and Social...

Jennifer Shannon Author
Doug Shannon Illustrator

What is the President's Job?

DK Readers (Series)


Wonderful Tonight

Pattie Boyd Author
Penny Junor Author

Kevin's Kwanzaa

Fall and Winter Holidays (Series)

Lisa Bullard Author
Constanza Basaluzzo Illustrator

White Like Me

Tim Wise Author

Tomboy Survival Guide

Ivan Coyote Author

My Parent Has Cancer and It...

Marc Silver Author
Maya Silver Author

They Called Me Number One

Bev Sellars Author

Making Sense of the Alt-Right

George Hawley Author

The Next 100 Years

George Friedman Author

Close to Shore

Michael Capuzzo Author

North Korea Confidential

Daniel Tudor Author
James Pearson Author

Screamfree Parenting, 10th...

Hal Runkel, LMFT Author

The Wild Trees

Richard Preston Author

Laughing Without an Accent

Firoozeh Dumas Author

Relationship Skills 101 for...

The Instant Help Solutions (Series)

Sheri Van Dijk Author


Robin Stevenson Author

Fight Like A Girl

Clementine Ford Author

Raising a Secure Child

Kent Hoffman Author
Glen Cooper Author

Need It or Want It?

Little World Social Studies (Series)

Colleen Hord Author
Britannica Digital Learning Editor

Things I've Been Silent About

Azar Nafisi Author

The Lucifer Effect

Philip Zimbardo Author

The Encyclopedia of Trouble...

Rebecca Solnit Author

How Eskimos Keep Their Babies...

Mei-Ling Hopgood Author

Why Is the Statue of Liberty...

Our American Symbols (Series)

Martha E. H. Rustad Author
Holli Conger Illustrator

And Then There Were Nuns

Jane Christmas Author

The Unsettling of America

Wendell Berry Author

The Road of Lost Innocence

Somaly Mam Author
Ayaan Hirsi Ali Author of introduction, etc.

Game Changer

John Coy Author
Randy DuBurke Illustrator

Becoming King

Troy Jackson Author
Clayborne Carson Author of introduction, etc.

The Permaculture Handbook

Peter Bane Author
David Holmgren Author of introduction, etc.


Tom Vanderbilt Author


Exploded Views (Series)

Naben Ruthnum Author

Have You Filled a Bucket Today?

Carol McCloud Author
David Messing Illustrator

Donald Trump

Gateway Biographies (Series)

Jill Sherman Author

The Spiral Notebook

Stephen Singular Author
Joyce Singular Author


Studs Terkel Author

Does This Mean You'll See Me...

Robert Webster Author

The Age of Dignity

Ai-jen Poo Author
Ariane Conrad Author

Let Nobody Turn Us Around

Manning Marable Editor
Leith Mullings Editor

Cool Japan Guide

Abby Denson Author

Positive Discipline A-Z

Positive Discipline (Series)

Jane Nelsen, Ed.D. Author
Lynn Lott Author

The End of Imagination

Arundhati Roy Author

Sexual Politics

Kate Millett Author
Catharine MacKinnon Author of introduction, etc.

Understanding Suicide

Nonfiction - Young Adult (Series)

Connie Goldsmith Author

Break These Rules

Luke Reynolds Author
Luke Reynolds Author

How to Like Yourself

The Instant Help Solutions (Series)

Cheryl M. Bradshaw Author