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Forgotten Bones

Lois Miner Huey Author

Muhammad Ali

Gateway Biographies (Series)

Matt Doeden Author

Stamped from the Beginning

Ibram X. Kendi Author

The New Jim Crow

Michelle Alexander Author

Enrique's Journey

Sonia Nazario Author

The Devil in the White City

Erik Larson Author

The Vast Wonder of the World

Mélina Mangal Author
Luisa Uribe Illustrator

Game Changer

John Coy Author
Randy DuBurke Illustrator

In Cold Blood

Vintage International (Series)

Truman Capote Author

A Spy Called James

Carolrhoda Picture Books (Series)

Anne Rockwell Author
Floyd Cooper Illustrator

Dreams from My Father

Barack Obama Author


Kathy Belge Author
Marke Bieschke Author

Funny, You Don't Look Autistic

Michael McCreary Author

Like a Bird

Cynthia Grady Author
Michele Wood Illustrator

All Kinds of Friends

Shelley Rotner Author
Sheila M. Kelly Author

Martin Luther King Jr.

Gateway Biographies (Series)

Jon M. Fishman Author

This Book Is Anti-Racist

Tiffany Jewell Author
Aurelia Durand Illustrator

Under the Banner of Heaven

Jon Krakauer Author

Locked Up for Freedom

Heather E. Schwartz Author

Racial Profiling

Alison Marie Behnke Author

Bad News for Outlaws

Exceptional Social Studies Titles for Intermediate Grades (Series)

Vaunda Micheaux Nelson Author
R. Gregory Christie Illustrator

The Body Is Not an Apology

Sonya Renee Taylor Author

The Dozier School for Boys

Elizabeth A. Murray, PhD Author

Men Explain Things to Me

Rebecca Solnit Author

No More Excuses

Amber J. Keyser Author

How to Argue With a Racist

Adam Rutherford Author

Can I Touch Your Hair?

Irene Latham Author
Charles Waters Author

Freedom Is a Constant Struggle

Angela Y. Davis Author
Cornel West Author of introduction, etc.

Strange Fruit

Gary Golio Author
Charlotte Riley-Webb Illustrator

People Who Help Keep Me Healthy

People Who Help (Series)

Janet Preus Author
Janet Preus Author

Cynical Theories

Helen Pluckrose Author
James A. Lindsay Author

Mountains Beyond Mountains

Tracy Kidder Author

Starvation Heights

Gregg Olsen Author

History Decoded

Brad Meltzer Author
Keith Ferrell Author

Exposing Hate

Michael Miller Author

The Racial Healing Handbook

The Social Justice Handbook (Series)

Anneliese A. Singh Author
Tim Wise Author of introduction, etc.

Fatal Invention

Dorothy Roberts Author

Reading Lolita in Tehran

Azar Nafisi Author

Genghis Khan and the Making...

Jack Weatherford Author

A Brief History of Everyone...

Adam Rutherford Author
Siddhartha Mukherjee Author of introduction, etc.

Black Rednecks & White Liberals

Thomas Sowell Author

Have You Filled a Bucket Today?

Carol McCloud Author
David Messing Illustrator

Down Girl

Kate Manne Author

What Makes Us Unique?

Just Enough (Series)

Jillian Roberts Author
Cindy Revell Illustrator

Katie Woo's Crazy Critter Jokes

Katie Woo's Joke (Series)

Fran Manushkin Author
Tammie Lyon Other

The Freedom Writers Diary

The Freedom Writers Author
Erin Gruwell Author

Elena Vanishing

Elena Dunkle Author
Clare B. Dunkle Author

How to Be a Conscious Eater

Sophie Egan Author