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Body Geographic

American Lives (Series)

Barrie Jean Borich Author


Countries (Series)

Christine Juarez Author
Gail Saunders-Smith Other

Mountain Rescue

Heroic Jobs (Series)

Chris Oxlade Author


People (Series)

Sarah L. Schuette Author

Farmers Help

Our Community Helpers (Series)

Dee Ready Author
Gail Saunders-Smith Other

Sovereign Schools

Martha Louise Hipp Author


Herbert L. Meiselman Editor

An Impossible Inheritance

Katie Kilroy-Marac Author

South Bronx Battles

Carolyn McLaughlin Author

Narrating Midlife

Christine Elizabeth Kiesinger Editor
Lori West Peterson Editor

Rape Culture and Religious...

Feminist Studies and Sacred Texts (Series)

Rhiannon Graybill Editor
Meredith Minister Editor

Contingent Kinship

Atelier: Ethnographic Inquiry in the Twenty-First Century (Series)

Kathryn A. Mariner Author

War over Peace

Uri Ben-Eliezer Author

Individualism, Holism and the...

Jirí Šubrt Author

The Rising Clamor

David P. Hadley Author

Crazy Horse Weeps

Joseph M. Marshall Author

You Don't Look Like a Lawyer

Perspectives on a Multiracial America (Series)

Tsedale M. Melaku Author

Forensic Firearm Examination

Chris Monturo Author

A Critical Edition of Ruths...

Arlene McAlister Editor

Pulling a Rabbit Out of a Hat

Ross Anderson Author


James Sage Author
Lisk Feng Illustrator

A Voice for the Spirit Bears

CitizenKid (Series)

Carmen Oliver Author
Katy Dockrill Illustrator

Ferdinand Tönnies...

Bettina Clausen (†) Editor
Dieter Haselbach Editor

Rivalrous Masculinities

Ann Marie Rasmussen Editor

Confessions of a Yiddish...

Chava Rosenfarb Author
Goldie Morgentaler Editor

Transcendence and Film

David P. Nichols Editor
Dylan James Trigg Contributor

Build It! Wild West

Brick (Series)

Jennifer Kemmeter Author

In This Hour

Helen Plotkin Editor
Abraham Joshua Heschel Author

Pictorial Affects, Senses of...

Cinepoetics – English edition (Series)

Michael Wedel Author

The Past before Us

Indigenous Pacifics (Series)

Nālani Wilson-Hokowhitu Editor
Marie Alohalani Brown Contributor

Call for Change

Donald L. Fixico Author

Money Games

ASAO Studies in Pacific Anthropology (Series)

Anthony J. Pickles Author

Alltag nach dem Erdbeben

UmweltEthnologie (Series)

Book 1

Pascale Schild Author

WestEnd 2019/1

WestEnd (Series)

Book 29

Institut für Sozialforschung, Frankfurt am Main Editor

Genealogie der Selbstführung

Praktiken der Subjektivierung (Series)

Book 15

Stefan Senne Author
Alexander Hesse Author

Internet in Nairobi, Kenia

Digitale Gesellschaft (Series)

Book 24

Johanna Rieß Author

Situated in Translations

Edition Kulturwissenschaft (Series)

Book 174

michaela Ott Editor
Thomas Weber Editor

Menschenrechte für Personen...

Martina Schmidhuber Editor
Andreas Frewer Editor

Kuratorische Subjekte

Praktiken der Subjektivierung (Series)

Book 14

Katja Molis Author

High John de Conquer

Zora Neale Hurston Author


Kulturen der Gesellschaft (Series)

Book 23

Torsten Cress Author

From Anger to Action

The Instant Help Solutions (Series)

Mitch R. Abblett Author
Christopher Willard Author of introduction, etc.

Crossing Histories and...

Methodology & History in Anthropology (Series)

Ricardo Roque Editor
Elizabeth G. Traube Editor

Critique of Identity Thinking

Michael Jackson Author

Lewis Henry Morgan's Comparisons

Georg Pfeffer Author

Building Sexual Misconduct...

Shing-Ling S. Chen Editor
Zhuojun Joyce Chen Editor

Read My Plate

Deborah R. Geis Author

Framing the Fight against...

Amanda D. Clark Author