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The Future of Feminism

Sylvia Walby Author

Understanding and Applying...

Statistics in Practice (Series)

Rand R. Wilcox Author

The PlayStation Dreamworld

Theory Redux (Series)

Alfie Bown Author

Beyond Consumer Capitalism

Justin Lewis Author

Human Geography

Mark Boyle Author

A Companion to Art Theory

Blackwell Companions in Cultural Studies (Series)

Paul Smith Editor
Carolyn Wilde Editor

The Existentialist Moment

Patrick Baert Author

Student Research and Report...

Gabe T. Wang Author
Keumjae Park Author

Transcultural Communication

Andreas Hepp Author

Skulls to the Living, Bread...

Stanley Brandes Author

Family Theories

Katherine R. Allen Author
Angela C. Henderson Author


Niklas Luhmann Author
André Kieserling Editor

Women, Crime, and Justice

Elaine Gunnison Author
Frances P. Bernat Author

First Migrants

Peter Bellwood Author

Cities of Tomorrow

Peter Hall Author

Critical Media Studies

Brian L. Ott Author
Robert L. Mack Author

The Dictionary of Human...

Derek Gregory Editor
Ron Johnston Editor

The Templar Code For Dummies

Dummies (Series)

Christopher Hodapp Author
Alice Von Kannon Author

Moral Blindness

Zygmunt Bauman Author
Leonidas Donskis Author

Beyond Duty

Shannon Meehan Author
Roger Thompson Author

A Concise History of World...

Massimo Livi Bacci Author

The Environment

Philip W. Sutton Author

Understanding Disney

Janet Wasko Author

Social Work Fields of Practice

Catherine N. Dulmus Author
Karen M. Sowers Author

Beautiful Things in Popular...

Alan McKee Editor

Going Viral

Karine Nahon Author
Jeff Hemsley Author


Femen Author
Galia Ackerman Author

Understanding Chinese Society

Norman Stockman Author

Liquid Modernity

Zygmunt Bauman Author

Surviving Sexual Violence

Liz Kelly Author


Murray Milner, Jr. Author

Mathematics for the Liberal Arts

Donald Bindner Author
Martin J. Erickson Author

This is not a Diary

Zygmunt Bauman Author


Zygmunt Bauman Author
Ezio Mauro Author

What Use Is Sociology

Zygmunt Bauman Author
Michael Hviid Jacobsen Author

The Brave New World of Work

Ulrich Beck Author

The Nature of Money

Geoffrey Ingham Author

Global Media Entertainment

Lee Artz Author

The Spirit of Revolution

Drucilla Cornell Author
Stephen D. Seely Author

Racial Conflict in Global...

PPSS--Polity Political Sociology series

John Stone Author
Polly Rizova Author

Historicising Gender and...

Gender and History Special Issues (Series)

Kevin P. Murphy Editor
Jennifer M. Spear Editor

People and Nature

Primers in Anthropology (Series)

Emilio F. Moran Author

The Archaeology of...

Wiley Blackwell Studies in Global Archaeology (Series)

Emma Blake Editor
A. Bernard Knapp Editor

The Incas

Peoples of America (Series)

Terence N. D'Altroy Author

Smartphones as Locative Media

DMS--Digital Media and Society (Series)

Jordan Frith Author

Inside Concentration Camps

Maja Suderland Author


Helga Nowotny Author
Neville Plaice Translator

Inventing Popular Culture

John Storey Author