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Private Prisons

Charles H. Logan Author

Transformation of the Welfare...

Studies in Crime and Public Policy (Series)

Neil Gilbert Author

The Youth Gang Problem

Oxford Series on Optical and Imaging Sciences (Series)

Irving A. Spergel Author

Social Movements

David S. Meyer Editor
Nancy Whittier Editor

Our Studies, Ourselves

Barry Glassner Editor
Rosanna Hertz Editor

States of Siege

Bert Useem Author
Peter Kimball Author

American Juvenile Justice

AAR Academy Series

Franklin E. Zimring Author

The Oxford Handbook of Gender...

Fionnuala Ní Aoláin Editor
Naomi Cahn Editor

Death and Money in the Afternoon

Adrian Shubert Author

The Sage and the People

Sebastien Billioud Author
Joel Thoraval Author

Parish and Place

Tricia Colleen Bruce Author

Women and Christian Origins

Ross Shepard Kraemer Editor
Mary Rose D'Angelo Editor

Military Anthropology

Montgomery McFate Author

America's Joan of Arc

J. Matthew Gallman Author

Chaco Canyon

R. Gwinn Vivian Author
Margaret J. Anderson Author

Morality and Cultural...

John W. Cook Author

Juvenile Justice in the Making

Studies in Crime and Public Policy (Series)

David S. Tanenhaus Author
Bernardine Dohrn Commentator

Music, Modernity, and the...

Veit Erlmann Author

Gay, Straight, and the Reason...

Simon LeVay Author

Night Call

Robert Wicks Author

Mecca and Main Street

Geneive Abdo Author

Men at War

Christopher Coker Author

Swimming Upstream

Laura Choate Author

Ancestors and Relatives

Eviatar Zerubavel Author

An Introduction to the Model...

Markus D. Dubber Author

Diversity in Human Interactions

John D. Robinson Editor
Larry C. James Editor

Capitalists in Spite of...

Richard Lachmann Author

Ale, Beer, and Brewsters in...

Judith M. Bennett Author

Bridges of Reform

Shana Bernstein Author

Adoption by Lesbians and Gay Men

David M. Brodzinsky Editor
Adam Pertman Editor

Culture in Mind

Bradd Shore Author

Conjugal Union

Race and American Culture (Series)

Robert F. Reid-Pharr Author

Confirmatory Factor Analysis

Pocket Guide to Social Work Research Methods (Series)

Donna Harrington Author

Crisis Cities

Kevin Fox Gotham Author
Miriam Greenberg Author

A Cabinet of Byzantine...

Anthony Kaldellis Author

Al-Shabaab in Somalia

Stig Jarle Hansen Author

Black Natural Law

Vincent W. Lloyd Author

Conflict Resolution for the...

Allan Barsky Author

Breaking the Pendulum

Philip Goodman Author
Joshua Page Author

Despite the Best Intentions

Transgressing Boundaries: Studies in Black Politics and Black Communities (Series)

Amanda E. Lewis Author
John B. Diamond Author

Border Lives

Sergio Chávez Author

Climate Change and Society

Riley E. Dunlap Editor
Robert J. Brulle Editor

Approaches to Ethnography

Colin Jerolmack Editor
Shamus Khan Editor

Cultural Constructions of...

Luis Urrieta Jr. Editor
George W. Noblit Editor

Failing Our Fathers

Ronald B. Mincy Author
Monique Jethwani Author

Islam in Indonesia

Carool Kersten Author