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Making Sense of the Alt-Right

George Hawley Author

Sexual Politics

Kate Millett Author
Catharine MacKinnon Author of introduction, etc.

Transgender 101

Nicholas M Teich Author

The Land of the Five Flavors

Arts and Traditions of the Table: Perspectives on Culinary History (Series)

Thomas O. Höllmann Author
Karen Margolis Translator

Human Trafficking Around the...

Stephanie Hepburn Author
Rita J. Simon Author

Black Gods of the Asphalt

Onaje X. O. Woodbine Author

Exiled in America

Studies in Transgression (Series)

Christopher P. Dum Author

Pope Francis Among the Wolves

Marco Politi Author
William McCuaig Translator

In Their Voices

Rhonda M. Roorda Author

The Lioness in Winter

Ann Burack-Weiss Author

The Con Men

Studies in Transgression (Series)

Terry Williams Author
Trevor B. Milton Author

Coming Out, Coming Home

Michael C. LaSala Author

From Head Shops to Whole Foods

Columbia Studies in the History of U.S. Capitalism (Series)

Joshua C. Davis Author

The Lives of Transgender People

Genny Beemyn Author
Susan Rankin Author

Engaged Journalism

Columbia Journalism Review (Series)

Jake Batsell Author

Why Jane Austen?

Rachel M. Brownstein Author

The Education of Booker T....

Michael Rudolph West Author

What Remains

Jonathan Bach Author

The Inner Life of the Dying...

End-of-Life Care: a (Series)

Allan Kellehear Author

Survivors of Slavery

Laura T. Murphy Author

Criminal Justice at the...

William R. Kelly Author

Scotch Verdict

Lillian Faderman Author
Judith Halberstam Author of introduction, etc.

One Out of Three

Nancy Foner Editor

The Other Catholics

Julie Byrne Author

Nature's Pharmacopeia

Dan Choffnes Author

The Metropolitan Revolution

The Columbia History of Urban Life (Series)

Jon C. Teaford Author

On the Parole Board

Frederic G. Reamer Author

The Hudson

Frances F. Dunwell Author

What Slaveholders Think

Austin Choi-Fitzpatrick Author

Antigone's Claim

The Wellek Library Lectures (Series)

Judith Butler Author

Believing History

Richard Lyman Bushman Author
Reid L. Neilson Editor

How Women Got Their Curves...

David P. Barash Author
Judith Eve Lipton Author

Sight Unseen

Ellyn Kaschak Author

Race Unmasked

Race, Inequality, and Health (Series)

Michael Yudell Author
J. Craig Venter Author of introduction, etc.

Atheists in America

Melanie E. Brewster Editor

Losing Tim

Paul Gionfriddo Author

Sex and World Peace

Valerie M. Hudson Author
Bonnie Ballif-Spanvill Author

Children Living in Transition

Cheryl Zlotnick Editor

For His Eyes Only

Lisa Funnell Editor

The End of Cinema?

Film and Culture (Series)

André Gaudreault Author
Philippe Marion Author

In Their Siblings' Voices

Rita J. Simon Author
Rhonda M. Roorda Author

Simone de Beauvoir,...

Gender and Culture (Series)

Nancy Bauer Author

Palestinian Identity

Rashid Khalidi Author

Grassroots Fascism

Weatherhead Books on Asia (Series)

Yoshiaki Yoshimi Author
Ethan Mark Translator

When the State Winks

Religion, Culture, and Public Life (Series)

Michal Kravel-Tovi Author

Upsetting the Apple Cart

Columbia History of Urban Life (Series)

Frederick Douglass Opie Author


Michael P. McCauley Author

In the Catskills

Phil Brown Editor