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A Student's Handbook of...

Neerja A. Gupta Author

Reconstructing Trauma and...

Ileana Carmen Rogobete Author

Guide to Early Childhood...

Pamela R. Cook Editor

Social Economics and...

Georgeta Raţă Editor
Patricia-Luciana Runcan Editor

Food Politics

Quinbala Marak Author

International Perspectives on...

K. Jaishankar Editor

Contemporary Issues in Social...

Krzysztof Kubacki Editor
Sharyn Rundle-Thiele Editor

The Chinese Language Demystified

The Chinese Way (Series)

Zhengming Du Author

Locality, History, Memory

Pasts and Futures: Readings in a Contemporary World (Series)

Rila Mukherjee Editor
M. N. Rajesh Editor

Human Trafficking

Maria De Angelis Author

Trust and Transitions

Joseph D. Lewandowski Editor
Milan Znoj Editor

The World as a Global Agora

Larbi Touaf Editor
Soumia Boutkhil Editor

Diaries of a Forgotten Parent

Wendy A. Paterson Author

Consumer Australia

Robert Crawford Editor
Judith Stuart Editor

Global Society,...

Vittorio Cotesta Editor
Vincenzo Cicchelli Editor

A Reflexive Inquiry into...

Samantha Van Schalkwyk Editor
Pumla Gobodo-Madikizela Editor

Power, Gender and Social...

Cornell Institute for African Development Series

Muna Ndulo Editor
Margaret Grieco Editor

And There'll Be NO Dancing

Elisabeth Baehr Editor
Barbara Schmidt-Haberkamp Editor

The Possibilities of Creativity

Peter O'Connor Editor

Self-Presentation and...

Andreas Gavrielatos Editor

Between Jihad and McWorld

David Perusek Editor

Counter Terrorism and Social...

Alperhan Babacan Editor
Hussein Tahiri Editor

Supervision in Educational,...

Patricia Runcan Author

Social Issues

Georgeta Raţă Editor
Patricia-Luciana Runcan Editor

Nietzsche and Transhumanism

Nietzsche Now (Series)

Yunus Tuncel Editor

The Debt Crisis in the Eurozone

Nikos Petropoulos Editor
George O. Tsobanoglou Editor

Continuity and Change

Philip Brownell Editor
Dan Bloom Editor

Conceptualizing our...

Gillian Steggles Author

Inventing the Future in an...

World Complexity Science Academy Book (Series)

Amber Narro Editor
André Folloni Editor

How Global Migration Changes...

ADAPT Labour Studies (Series)

Massimo Pilati Editor
Hina Sheikh Editor

Society in Focus—Change...

Lindy Heinecken Editor
Heidi Prozesky Editor

Academic Apartheid

Sylvia M. DeSantis Editor

Exporting Paradise? EU...

Tiago Faia Author

Learning from Memory

Bianca Maria Pirani Editor
Ivan Varga Editor

Cultural Difference and...

Scott H. Boyd Editor
Mary Ann Walter Editor

Fatherhood in Contemporary...

Anna Pilińska Editor

The Intertwining of Culture...

Frank A. Salamone Author

Signs of Hope

Donna West Author

Border, Globalization and...

Sukanta Das Editor
Sanatan Bhowal Editor

From Monophysitism to...

Theodore Sabo Author

Neo-Islamic Culture's...

Asli Kotaman Editor
Artun Avcı Editor

New Frontiers in...

Lydia Amir Editor

Social Imaginaries of the...

Anna Malewska-Szałygin Author

The American Culture of Despair

Richard K. Fenn Author

The Dynamics of...

Ray B. Browne Editor
Ben Urish Editor

Downscaling Culture

Jaspal Naveel Singh Editor
Argyro Kantara Editor

Intercultural Horizons,...

Eliza J. Nash Editor
Nevin C. Brown Editor

Popular Culture and...

Ondřej Daniel Editor
Tomáš Kavka Editor