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Living on Thin Ice

Steven C. Dinero Author


Traditional and Contemporary Approaches to the Mastery of Spirits and Healing (Series)

Merete Demant Jakobsen† Author

Culture and International...

Explorations in Culture and International History (Series)

Jessica C. E. Gienow-Hecht Editor
Frank Schumacher Editor

Understanding Cultural...

Methodology & History in Anthropology (Series)

Roy Ellen Editor
Stephen J. Lycett Editor

Making Ubumwe

Forced Migration (Series)

Andrea Purdeková Author

The Legacies Of A Hawaiian...

Judith Schachter Author

Trapped in the Gap

Emma Kowal Author

Transitions And Transformations

Caitrin Lynch Editor
Jason Danely Editor

The Future of Indigenous Museums

Nick Stanley Editor

Animism In Rainforest And Tundra

Marc Brightman Editor
Vanessa Elisa Grotti Editor

A Policy Travelogue

Catherine Kingfisher Author

Reconstructing Obesity

Megan B. McCullough Editor
Jessica A. Hardin Editor

The Political Economy of...

Regine Paul Author

Ethnography and the Corporate...

Studies in Public and Applied Anthropology (Series)

Melissa Cefkin Editor

Witches and Demons

Studies in Public and Applied Anthropology (Series)

Jean La Fontaine Author

Creating A Nation With Cloth

Ping-Ann Addo Author

Changing Sex And Bending Gender

Alison Shaw Editor
Shirley Ardener Editor

Incarceration and Regime Change

Christian G. De Vito Editor
Ralf Futselaar Editor

The Online World of Surrogacy

Fertility, Reproduction and Sexuality: Social and Cultural Perspectives (Series)

Zsuzsa Berend Author

Economy and Ritual

Max Planck Studies in Anthropology and Economy (Series)

Stephen Gudeman Editor
Chris Hann Editor

Holocaust Survivors

Resettlement, Memories, Identities (Series)

Dalia Ofer Editor
Françoise S. Ouzan Editor

Keywords of Mobility

Worlds in Motion (Series)

Noel B. Salazar Editor
Kiran Jayaram Editor

All Tomorrow's Cultures

Samuel Gerald Collins Author

Reproducing Class

Henry Rutz Author
Erol M. Balkan Author

War, Technology, Anthropology

Koen Stroeken Editor

Making a Difference?

Asia-Pacific Studies: Past and Present (Series)

Susanna Price Editor
Kathryn Robinson Editor

The Polynesian Iconoclasm

ASAO Studies in Pacific Anthropology (Series)

Jeffrey Sissons Author

Globalized Fatherhood

Fertility, Reproduction and Sexuality: Social and Cultural Perspectives (Series)

Marcia C. Inhorn Editor
Wendy Chavkin Editor

The Manchester School

T. M. S. (Terry) Evens Editor
Don Handelman Editor

The Life Of Property

Timothy Jenkins Author

We The Cosmopolitans

Lisette Josephides Editor
Alexandra Hall Editor

Transnational Families,...

Elisabetta Zontini Author

Years Of Conflict

Jason Hart Editor

Patients And Agents

Alyson Callan Author

Reconceiving The Second Sex

Marcia C. Inhorn Editor
Maruska la Cour Mosegaard Editor

Silence, Screen, And Spectacle

Lindsey A. Freeman Editor
Benjamin Nienass Editor

Strangers Either Way

Jasna Čapo Zmegač Author

Security & Development

John-Andrew McNeish Editor
Jon Harald Sande Lie Editor

Transnational Nomads

Cindy Horst Author

Variations On Uzbek Identity

Peter Finke Author

Things Fall Apart?

Pauline von Hellermann Author

Gender History In A...

Oliver Janz Editor
Daniel Schönpflug Editor

Europeanizing Contention

Pierre Monforte Author

Anthropology As Ethics

T. M. S. (Terry) Evens Author

Refugees From Nazi Germany...

Frank Caestecker Editor
Bob Moore Editor

The State and the Grassroots

Alejandro Portes Editor
Patricia Fernández-Kelly Editor

Time and the Field

Steffen Dalsgaard Editor
Morten Nielsen Editor

Ecological Migrants

Yuanyuan Xie Author