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Crossfire Hurricane

Josh Campbell Author

Citizenship 2.0

Princeton Studies in Global and Comparative Sociology (Series)

Yossi Harpaz Author


財團法人海峽交流基金會 Author


新華文摘雜誌社 Author

Crowdsourcing the Law

Francine Banner Author

Globalizing Capital

Barry Eichengreen Author

This Land Is Our Land

Jedediah Purdy Author

República, violencia y género...

Espacios (Series)

Gustavo Forero Quintero Author
Juan Guillermo Gómez García Author

Securitization and...

Başar Baysal Author

Only the Dead

Bear F. Braumoeller Author

Brexit in History

Beatrice Heuser Author

China and Intervention at the...

Courtney J. Fung Author

Standing with Standing Rock

Indigenous Americas (Series)

Nick Estes Editor
Jaskiran Dhillon Editor

Política y poder en la Amazonia

François Correa Author
philippe Erikson Author

Immigration in the Visual Art...

Carol Damian Author
Michael J. LaRosa Author

Age of Iron

Colin Dueck Author

Democracy in a Time of Misery

Nicole Curato Author

China's Grand Strategy

Sarwar A. Kashmeri Author

Untangling Smart Cities

Luca Mora Author
Mark Deakin Author

Die Gesellschaft verändern

Sozialtheorie (Series)

Jana Bosse Author

Police on a Pedestal

Terrell Carter Author

Lessons of the Spanish...

Freedom (Series)

Vernon Richards Author
David Goodway Author

Who Pays For Clean Water?

Elizabeth E Lake Author

World Economic Development

Herman kahn Author

Surplus Citizens

Dimitra Kotouza Author

Ireland and Anglo-American...

Heritage (Series)

Alan J. Ward Author

Regierungskommunikation und...

Politische Kommunikation und demokratische Öffentlichkeit (Series)

franco Delle Donne Author

Madeleine Albright

My Early Library: My Itty-Bitty Bio (Series)

Katlin Sarantou Author
Jeff Bane Illustrator


Very Short Introductions (Series)

Klaus Dodds Author

Глава субъекта Российской...

Иванов, Виталий Author

Trump's World

John Davis Author

Business and Environmental...

Douglas MacDonald Author

Innovating in a Secret World

Tina P. Srivastava Author

Anarchism, Anarchist...

Revolutionary Pocket (Series)

Peter Kropotkin Author
Brian Morris Author

Methods of Desire

Aurora Donzelli Author

Climate Engineering

Daniel Edward Callies Author

Murder, Inc.

James H. Johnston Author

Gender, Race, and Social...

Media, Culture, and the Arts (Series)

Lori L. Montalbano Editor
Arshia Anwer Contributor

No Matter Where the Journey...

Yohei Sasakawa Author
Rei Muroji Translator


Jonathan Symons Author

Afro-Communitarian Democracy

African Philosophy: Critical Perspectives and Global Dialogue (Series)

Bernard Matolino Author


Studien zum sozialen Dasein der Person (Series)

Frank Schulz-Nieswandt Author

Power and Betrayal in the...

David Taras Author

Skin Deep

Gavin Evans Author

Venezuelan Anarchism

Anarchism: the History of a Movement (Series)

Rodolfo Montes de Oca Author

Majoritarian State

Angana P. Chatterji Editor
Thomas Blom Hansen Editor

Interpreting Zhejiang's...

Wspc-zjup On China's Regional Development (Series)

Lixu Chen Author

Überzeugungen, Wandlungen und...

Staatsverständnisse (Series)

Ulrich Lappenküper Editor
Ulf Morgenstern Editor