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Healing the Heart of Democracy

Parker J. Palmer Author

China and India

Chris Ogden Author

Kim Jong-Il, Revised and Updated

Michael Breen Author

American Politics For Dummies

UK Edition (Series)

Matthew Alan Hill Author

The Future of Strategy

Colin S. Gray Author

How Washington Actually Works...

Greg Rushford Editor

The Prince

Niccolò Machiavelli Author
Tom Butler-Bowdon Author of introduction, etc.

British Politics For Dummies

Julian Knight Author
Michael Pattison Author

The Hidden Wealth of Nations

David Halpern Author

Australian Politics For Dummies

Dummies (Series)

Nick Economou Author
Zareh Ghazarian Author

The Struggle for Development

Benjamin Selwyn Author


Bloomberg (Series)

William Pesek Author

Indigenous Australia for Dummies

Larissa Behrendt Author
The Rt Hon. Malcolm Fraser Author of introduction, etc.

Post-Western World

Oliver Stuenkel Author

The Blackwell Companion to...

Martin Davies Editor

Smart Communities

Essential Texts for Nonprofit and Public Leadership and Management (Series)

Suzanne W. Morse Author

Is the American Century Over

Global Futures (Series)

Joseph S. Nye, Jr. Author

China at the Crossroads

Peter Nolan Author

Moscow, 1937

Karl Schlögel Author


Carl Schmitt Author

Designing and Conducting...

Louis M. Rea Author
Richard A. Parker Author

Networks of Outrage and Hope

Manuel Castells Author

The Halliburton Agenda

Dan Briody Author

What Is Environmental History

What Is History (Series)

J. Donald Hughes Author

The Napoleon of New York

H. Paul Jeffers Author

The Globalization and...

J. Timmons Roberts Editor
Amy Bellone Hite Editor

Democracy's Edge

Frances Moore Lappe Author

A Norwegian Tragedy

Aage Borchgrevink Author

The Crisis of the European Union

Jürgen Habermas Author


Bruce C. N. Greenwald Author
Judd Kahn Author

Food Security

Dimensions of Security (Series)

Bryan L. McDonald Author

Privacy Lost

David H. Holtzman Author

The Future of Diplomacy

Philip Seib Author


George Magnus Author

Designated Drivers

G. E. Anderson Author

The Hidden Hand

Richard H. Immerman Author

Twenty Observations on a...

Ulrich Beck Author

The Fanaticism of the Apocalypse

Pascal Bruckner Author
Steven Rendall Translator

The United States and Iraq...

Robert K. Brigham Author

Green Utopias

Lisa Garforth Author

American Politics and Society

David McKay Author

The Age of Ecology

Joachim Radkau Author

The New Conservatism

Jürgen Habermas Author


Igor Primoratz Author

Shadow Sovereigns

Susan George Author


Global Political Hot Spots (Series)

Thomas Turner Author

Is the EU Doomed

Jan Zielonka Author

Party and State in Post-Mao...

China Today (Series)

Teresa Wright Author