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Crossfire Hurricane

Josh Campbell Author

The Collected Works of Samuel...

Princeton Legacy Library (Series)

Samuel Taylor Coleridge Author

Citizenship 2.0

Princeton Studies in Global and Comparative Sociology (Series)

Yossi Harpaz Author

Eric Voegelin Today

Political Theory for Today (Series)

Scott Robinson Editor
David Whitney Editor

Lessons of the Spanish...

Freedom (Series)

Vernon Richards Author
David Goodway Author

The Real John Adams

Real Revolutionaries (Series)

Allison Lassieur Author

Why Do People Migrate?

Emerald Points (Series)

Maciej Duszczyk Editor

In the Forests of Freedom

Caribbean Studies (Series)

Lennox Honychurch Author


Joel Andreas Author

Age of Iron

Colin Dueck Author

China and Intervention at the...

Courtney J. Fung Author


Very Short Introductions (Series)

Klaus Dodds Author

Brexit in History

Beatrice Heuser Author

American Conservatism, 1900-1930

Joseph Postell Editor
Johnathan O'Neill Editor

How the Left and Right Think

Bill Meulemans Author

SDG16 - Peace and Justice

Concise Guides to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (Series)

Vesela Radovic Author

Глава субъекта Российской...

Иванов, Виталий Author

Between Truth and Power

Julie E. Cohen Author

Democracy in a Time of Misery

Nicole Curato Author

China's Grand Strategy

Sarwar A. Kashmeri Author

Die Gesellschaft verändern

Sozialtheorie (Series)

Jana Bosse Author

Trump's World

John Davis Author

Beyond the EU Regulatory State

Andrea Prontera Author

Die Grenzen meines Denkens...

Christian Mayer Author

Murder, Inc.

James H. Johnston Author

Methods of Desire

Aurora Donzelli Author

Politicization of Ecological...

Gabrielle Bouleau Author

Política y poder en la Amazonia

François Correa Author
philippe Erikson Author

Crowdsourcing the Law

Francine Banner Author

Change and Continuity

Carleton Library (Series)

Mark P. Thomas Editor
Leah F. Vosko Editor

Elizabeth Warren

People You Should Know (Series)

Dani Gabriel Author

Building Better Citizens

Holly Korbey Author

John Rawls and American...

Daniele Botti Author

International Relations Theory

Mark V. Kauppi Author
Paul R. Viotti Author

Standing with Standing Rock

Indigenous Americas (Series)

Nick Estes Editor
Jaskiran Dhillon Editor


CSIS Reports (Series)

Michael J. Green Editor

Telling the EU's Story by Others

Yifan Yang Author


Globalization (Series)

Manfred B. Steger Author

John McCain

People You Should Know (Series)

Dani Gabriel Author

Immigration in the Visual Art...

Carol Damian Author
Michael J. LaRosa Author

Clientelism and Democratic...

Saskia Ruth-Lovell Editor
Maria Spirova Editor

Mental Health and Palestinian...

Indiana in Middle East Studies (Series)

Muhammad M Haj-Yahia Editor
Ora Nakash Editor

Gender, Race, and Social...

Media, Culture, and the Arts (Series)

Lori L. Montalbano Editor
Arshia Anwer Contributor

Afro-Communitarian Democracy

African Philosophy: Critical Perspectives and Global Dialogue (Series)

Bernard Matolino Author

Die Zukunft ist menschlich

Dein Business (Series)

Andera Gadeib Author

A Sad Fiasco

War and Genocide (Series)

Jonas Kreienbaum Author

Interpreting Zhejiang's...

Wspc-zjup On China's Regional Development (Series)

Lixu Chen Author


Polycentricity: Studies in Institutional Diversity and Voluntary Governance (Series)

Darcy W. E. Allen Author
Chris Berg Author