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A Brief History of Northern...

Robert D. Webster Author
Paul A. Tenkotte Author of introduction, etc.

A Brief History of Public...

Andrew E. Busch Author

A Critical Decade

On Contemporary China (Series)

Zhiqun Zhu Author

A Functional Theory of...

Kalu N. Kalu Author

A History of...

Ulrich Herbert Author

A Leader Must Be a Leader

Jerry S Grafstein Author

A Man of Parliament

Queen's Policy Studies (Series)

Jonathan Rose Editor
Hugh Mellon Editor

A Polity on the Edge

Harold D. Clarke Author
Allan Kornberg Author

A Power in the World

Perspectives on the Global Past (Series)

Lorenz Gonschor Author
Anand A. Yang Other

A Rebel's Journey

Radical Histories of the Middle East (Series)

Peyman Vahabzadeh Author

A Sad Fiasco

War and Genocide (Series)

Jonas Kreienbaum Author

A Tale of Four Worlds

David Ottaway Author
Marina Ottaway Author

A Theory of International...

Transformations in Governance (Series)

Liesbet Hooghe Author
Tobias Lenz Author

About Anarchism

Freedom (Series)

Nicolas Walter Author
Natasha Walter Author

Accountability of...

The United Nations and Global Change (Series)

Mirka Möldner Author

Acquisition Trends, 2018

CSIS Reports (Series)

Rhys McCormick Author
Andrew P. Hunter Author

African American Novels in...

E. Lâle Demirtürk Author

Afro-Communitarian Democracy

African Philosophy: Critical Perspectives and Global Dialogue (Series)

Bernard Matolino Author

Age of Iron

Colin Dueck Author

Aktivismus zwischen Protest...

Sozialtheorie (Series)

Jenny Lay-Kumar Author

All That Glittered

Timothy Alborn Author

Alternative Öffentlichkeiten

Edition Medienwissenschaft (Series)

Book 35

Stefan Hauser Editor
Roman Opilowski Editor

American Bonds

Princeton Studies in American Politics: Historical, International, and Comparative Perspectives (Series)

Sarah L. Quinn Author

American Christians and the...

Fred A. Lazin Author

American While Black

Niambi Michele Carter Author

Anarchism in Local Governance

Stephen Condit Author

Anarchism, Anarchist...

Revolutionary Pocket (Series)

Peter Kropotkin Author
Brian Morris Author

Anglo Nostalgia

Edoardo Campanella Author
Marta Dassù Author

Archaeology of Colonisation

Carlos Rivera-Santana Author

Asymmetrical Neighbors

Enze Han Author

At Europe's Edge

Ċetta Mainwaring Author

Autonomy, Refusal, and the...

Robert F. Carley Author

Autori contro il Sistema

Roberto Di Molfetta Author

Better Cities, Better World

Catherine Farvacque-Vitkovic Author
Mihaly Kopanyi Author

Between Earth and Empire

John P. Clark Author
Peter Marshall Author of introduction, etc.

Between Truth and Power

Julie E. Cohen Author

Beyond Liberalism

Michael K. Briand Author

Beyond the EU Regulatory State

Andrea Prontera Author

Blacks in the Military and...

G. L. A. Harris Author
Evelyn L. Lewis Author

Brexit in History

Beatrice Heuser Author

Brookings Papers on Economic...

Janice Eberly Editor
James H. Stock Editor

Cabin Crew Conflict

Phil Taylor Author
Sian Moore Author

Cabinets, Ministers, and Gender

Claire Annesley Author
Karen Beckwith Author


Jeff Cummins Author
David G. Lawrence Author

Campaigns and Elections

What Everyone Needs to Know (Series)

Dennis W. Johnson Author

Challenges to China's...

Challenges Facing Chinese Political Development (Series)

Yi Edward Yang Editor
Wei Liang Author

Change and Continuity

Carleton Library (Series)

Mark P. Thomas Editor
Leah F. Vosko Editor

Child Rape in Ghana

Critical African Studies in Gender and Sexuality (Series)

Martha Donkor Author