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Immigration in the Visual Art...

Carol Damian Author
Michael J. LaRosa Author

International Relations Theory

Mark V. Kauppi Author
Paul R. Viotti Author

Globalization and Health

Globalization (Series)

Jeremy Youde Author

State Legislatures Today

Peverill Squire Author
Gary Moncrief Author

Whistleblowers, Leakers, and...

Security and Professional Intelligence Education (Series)

Jason Ross Arnold Author

The American Congress

Steven S. Smith Author
Jason M. Roberts Author


Jeff Cummins Author
David G. Lawrence Author

Mapping Populism

John Agnew Author
Michael Shin Author

Locally Led Peacebuilding

Stacey L. Connaughton Editor
Jessica Berns Editor

Presidential Elections

Nelson W. Polsby Author
Aaron Wildavsky Author

Property and the Pursuit of...

Edward J. Erler Author

Introduction to International...

Glenn P. Hastedt Author
William F. Felice Author

In Defense of Globalism

Dalibor Rohac Author

Women and Politics

Julie Dolan Author
Melissa M. Deckman Author

Understanding Nonprofit Law...

Erik Estrada Author

A Brief History of Public...

Andrew E. Busch Author

Local Tax Policy

David Brunori Author

Political Campaign Communication

Robert E. Denton Jr. Author
Judith S. Trent Author

Foreign Policy Analysis

Valerie M. Hudson Author
Benjamin S. Day Author

John F. Kennedy

Significant Figures in World History (Series)

Ian James Bickerton Author

Democracy in Danger

Jake Braun Author