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Socio-Political Dynamics...

Juan Pablo Ferrero Editor
Ana Natalucci Editor

Beyond the EU Regulatory State

Andrea Prontera Author

Asias Trouble Spots

A. S. Bhalla Author

The Edges of Political...

Mihnea Tanasescu Editor
Claire Dupont Editor

Representative Democracy in...

Steven Blockmans Editor
Sophia Russack Editor

The Business of Women's...

Sofie Tornhill Author

Autonomy, Refusal, and the...

Robert F. Carley Author

Gendered Mobilizations and...

Jill A. Irvine Editor
Sabine Lang Editor

Race in Post-racial Europe

Stefanie C. Boulila Author

Ghanaian Politics and...

Samuel Gyasi Obeng Editor
Emmanuel Debrah Editor

The Need for Humility in...

Stefanie Haeffele Editor
Anne Hobson Editor

Confronting Crisis and...

Stefan Schmalz Editor
Brandon Sommer Editor

Public Perception of...

Dmitry Chernobrov Author

Giovanni Sartori

Michal Kubát Editor
Martin Mejstřík Editor

Archaeology of Colonisation

Carlos Rivera-Santana Author