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Drone Nation

Geoff Martin Author
Erin Steuter Author

The Grand Strategy that Won...

Douglas E. Streusand Editor
Norman A. Bailey Editor

Theology and Public Philosophy

Kenneth L. Grasso Editor
Cecilia Rodriguez Castillo Editor

China's Peaceful Rise in a...

Jinghao Zhou Author

Globalization in Africa

Usman A. Tar Editor
Etham B. Mijah Editor

Bigger Isn't Necessarily Better

Frederick Abernathy Author
Kermit Baker Author

European Football in Black...

Christos Kassimeris Author

Terrorism in Kenya and Uganda

Anneli Botha Author

Drones and Targeted Killing...

Christine Sixta Rinehart Author

Fragile States in the Americas

Security in the Americas in the Twenty-First Century (Series)

Jonathan D. Rosen Editor
Hanna S. Kassab Editor

American Democracy

Justin P. DePlato Editor
Kyle Hodge Author

America's 'War on Terrorism'

John E. Owens Editor
John W. Dumbrell Editor

Don't Stop Thinking About the...

Benjamin S. Schoening Author
Eric T. Kasper Author

Is the West in Decline?

Benjamin M. Rowland Editor
Hannes Adomeit Contributor

Transformations in Central...

Tomas Kavaliauskas Author

Cross-Cultural Competence for...

Robert Greene Sands Editor
Allison Greene-Sands Editor

Polls, Expectations, and...

Richard Craig Author

Necropolitics, Racialization,...

Marina Gržinić Author
Šefik Tatlić Author

The Rhetoric of Supreme Court...

Nichola D. Gutgold Author

When the Letter Betrays the...

Tyson D. King-Meadows Author

Culture and National Security...

Security in the Americas in the Twenty-First Century (Series)

Brian Fonseca Editor
Eduardo A. Gamarra Editor

How Karl Marx Can Save...

Ronald W. Dworkin MD Author

Nuclear Tsunami

Richard Krooth Author
Morris Edelson Author

Forgiveness and Power in the...

Shann Ray Ferch Author

National Service and...

Thomas A. Bryer Editor
Maria-Elena Augustin Contributor

Presidential Swing States

David Schultz Editor
Stacey Hunter Hecht Editor

Dynamics of Local Governance...

Challenges Facing Chinese Political Development (Series)

Tse-Kang Leng Editor
Yun-han Chu Editor

China's Strategic...

Yanran Xu Author

Who Must Die in Rwanda's...

Kyrsten Sinema Author

Max Stirner's Dialectical Egoism

John F. Welsh Author

Stalin and the Turkish Crisis...

Jamil Hasanli Author

Resilient Borders and...

New Studies in Modern Japan (Series)

Koichi Iwabuchi Author


Yonah Alexander Editor
Richard Prosen Editor

China's Economic Development,...

Chu-yuan Cheng Author

Fractured Parties

Anthony Stasi Author

Christianity and Human Rights

Frederick M. Shepherd Editor
Thomas Bamat Contributor

Rethinking Prison Reentry

Tony Gaskew Author

Eurasia 2.0

Russian, Eurasian, and Eastern European Politics (Series)

Mikhail Suslov Editor
Mark Bassin Editor

Almost Madam President

Nichola D. Gutgold Author
Marie Cocco Author of introduction, etc.

The Capitalist Schema

Christian Lotz Author

Feminist Activist Ethnography

Christa Craven Editor
Dána-Ain Davis Editor

Full Spectrum Diplomacy and...

John Lenczowski Author

Debatable Humor

Patrick A. Stewart Author

Environmental Sustainability...

J. Michael Martinez Author

Shakespeare and the Body Politic

Bernard J. Dobski Editor
Dustin A. Gish Editor

Democracy Reconsidered

Elizabeth Kaufer Busch Editor
David Alvis Contributor

Trafficking & the Global Sex...

Karen D. Beeks Author
Delila Amir Author

Reclaiming Marx's 'Capital'

Andrew Kliman Author