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Crowdsourcing the Law

Francine Banner Author

Securitization and...

Başar Baysal Author

Trump's World

John Davis Author

Climate Engineering

Daniel Edward Callies Author

Gender, Race, and Social...

Media, Culture, and the Arts (Series)

Lori L. Montalbano Editor
Arshia Anwer Contributor

Afro-Communitarian Democracy

African Philosophy: Critical Perspectives and Global Dialogue (Series)

Bernard Matolino Author


Polycentricity: Studies in Institutional Diversity and Voluntary Governance (Series)

Darcy W. E. Allen Author
Chris Berg Author

Strategic Culture in Russia's...

Katalin Miklóssy Editor
Hanna Smith Editor

Eric Voegelin Today

Political Theory for Today (Series)

Scott Robinson Editor
David Whitney Editor

Omar Cabezas, Nicaragua, and...

Latin American Decolonial and Postcolonial Literature (Series)

José María Mantero Author

H. H. Asquith

V. Markham Lester Author

Presidential Decision Making...

Dennis N. Ricci Author

Gender and Sexuality in...

Critical African Studies in Gender and Sexuality (Series)

Babacar M'Baye Editor
Besi Brillian Muhonja Editor

Conflict Change and Persistence

Meirav Mishali-Ram Author

Updike and Politics

Politics, Literature, & Film (Series)

Matthew Shipe Editor
Scott Dill Editor

Justice and Popular Culture

George A. Gonzalez Author

Faith and Foreign Affairs in...

Religion in American History (Series)

Mark Thomas Edwards Author

Diplomacy, Trade, and South...

Lexington Studies on Korea's Place in International Relations (Series)

Dennis Patterson Author
Jangsup Choi Author


Phil W. Reynolds Author

Low Taxes and Small Government

Michael A. Smith Author
Robert J. Grover Author

The New Geopolitical...

Nurşin Ateşoğlu Güney Editor
Eda Güney Contributor

Challenges to China's...

Challenges Facing Chinese Political Development (Series)

Yi Edward Yang Editor
Wei Liang Author

Child Rape in Ghana

Critical African Studies in Gender and Sexuality (Series)

Martha Donkor Author

From Huntington to Trump

Jeffrey Haynes Author

The Rise and Fall of...

Sergej Flere Author
Rudi Klanjšek Author

American Christians and the...

Fred A. Lazin Author

Neoliberalism and Women in India

U. Kalpagam Author

Evidence-Based Work with...

Martine Herzog-Evans Editor
Massil Benbouriche Editor

Networks of (Dis)Trust

Vicente Chua Reyes Jr. Author

Prophet and Statesmen in...

Fabio Leone Author

Walk Away

Political Theory for Today (Series)

Lee Trepanier Editor
Grant Havers Editor

The Pragmatism and Prejudice...

American Philosophy (Series)

Seth Vannatta Editor
Alexander Lian Contributor

The Greater Maghreb

David Garcia Cantalapiedra Editor
Aurora Ganz Contributor

Blacks in the Military and...

G. L. A. Harris Author
Evelyn L. Lewis Author

A Functional Theory of...

Kalu N. Kalu Author

Rethinking Consumer Protection

Thomas Tacker Author

Globalization, the IMF, and...

Christian Hernandez Author

The Politics behind Aid and...

Rubens de Siqueira Duarte Author
Carlos R. S. Milani Author of introduction, etc.

Kurds in Turkey

Kurdish Societies, Politics, and International Relations (Series)

Lucie Drechselová Editor
Adnan Çelik Editor

Subverting Communism in Romania

Mihaela Şerban Author

Organizational Motivation for...

Luisa M. Diaz-Kope Author
John C. Morris Author

African American Novels in...

E. Lâle Demirtürk Author