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The New Censorship

Columbia Journalism Review (Series)

Joel Simon Author

Human Trafficking Around the...

Stephanie Hepburn Author
Rita J. Simon Author

The Wrong Carlos

James S. Liebman Author
Shawn Crowley Author

Sex Trafficking

Siddharth Kara Author

History of the Mafia

Salvatore Lupo Author
Antony Shugaar Translator

The Evolution of the Global...

Columbia Studies in Terrorism and Irregular Warfare (Series)

Bruce Hoffman Editor
Fernando Reinares Editor

Criminal Justice at the...

William R. Kelly Author

Hunting Girls

Kelly Oliver Author

On the Parole Board

Frederic G. Reamer Author

They Wished They Were Honest

Michael F. Armstrong Author

Japanese War Criminals

Sandra Wilson Author
Robert Cribb Author

FDA in the Twenty-First Century

Holly Fernandez Lynch Editor
I. Glenn Cohen Editor

How They Got Away With It

Susan Will Editor
Stephen Handelman Editor

The Right to Know

Initiative for Policy Dialogue at Columbia: Challenges in Development and Globalization (Series)

Ann Florini Editor
Joseph E. Stiglitz Author of introduction, etc.

The Making of Lee Boyd Malvo

Carmeta Albarus Author
Jonathan Mack Author

Toxic Safety

Alissa Cordner Author

Critical Theory in Critical...

New Directions in Critical Theory (Series)

Penelope Deutscher Editor
Cristina Lafont Editor

The Role of Law in Social...

Theodore J. Stein Author

Domestic Minor Sex Trafficking

Alexandra Lutnick Author

Experiments in Democracy

Benjamin Hurlbut Author

A Dharma Reader

Historical Sourcebooks in Classical Indian Thought (Series)

Patrick Olivelle Author

Crowded Orbits

James Clay Moltz Author

The Death Penalty in China

Bin Liang Editor
Hong Lu Editor

Banished to the Homeland

David C. Brotherton Author
Luis Barrios Author

Genetic Justice

Sheldon Krimsky Author
Tania Simoncelli Author

People, Plants, and Justice

Charles Zerner Editor

International Trade and Labor...

Christian Barry Author
Sanjay G. Reddy Author

Protection Amid Chaos

Columbia Studies in Middle East Politics (Series)

Nadya Hajj Author

Hollywood's Copyright Wars

Film and Culture (Series)

Peter Decherney Author

Seeking Justice in Child...

Karen M. Staller Editor
Kathleen Coulborn Faller Editor

Talking About Torture

Jared Del Rosso Author

A Tragedy of Democracy

Greg Robinson Author

Rawls's Political Liberalism

Columbia Themes in Philosophy (Series)

Thom Brooks Editor
Martha C. Nussbaum Editor

Sex Crimes

Alissa R. Ackerman Editor
Rich Furman Editor

Contesting Citizenship

Anne McNevin Author

Risk Management in Social Work

Frederic G. Reamer Author

Mental Health in the War on...

Neil Krishan Aggarwal Author

The Age of Lone Wolf Terrorism

Studies in Transgression (Series)

Mark S. Hamm Author
Ramón Spaaij Author

Dangerous Trade

Jennifer Erickson Author

Criminal Lessons

Frederic G. Reamer Author

The Immigration Crucible

Philip Kretsedemas Author

Gangs and Society

Louis Kontos Editor
David C. Brotherton Editor

A Natural History of the...

S. F. C. Milsom Author

No Return, No Refuge

Howard Adelman Author
Elazar Barkan Author

Saffron Shadows and Salvaged...

Ellen Wiles Author

Negative Emotions and...

Mihaela Mihai Author

Antitrust and the Formation...

Columbia Studies in Contemporary American History (Series)

Wyatt Wells Author

Purify and Destroy

The CERI in Comparative Politics and International Studies (Series)

Jacques Semelin Author
Stanley Hoffman Author of introduction, etc.