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Mathematical Foundation of...

Masami Ito Editor
Do Long Van Editor

Automata Theory

Matthew Simon Author

Problem Solving In a Dynamic...

Yan Hong Ng Author
Shou-fong Chin Author

Practical Guide to Computer...

Alexander K Hartmann Author

Nonlinear Dynamics...

World Scientific On Nonlinear Science A (Series)

Leon O Chua Editor

Computational Intelligence...

Hung Tan Nguyen Editor
Steve Sai Ho Ling Editor

Coordination Programming

Jean-marc Andreoli Editor
Chris Hankin Editor

Handbook of Texture Analysis

Majid Mirmehdi Author
Xianghua Xie Author

Chinese Remainder Theorem

Dingyi Pei Author
Arto Salomaa Author

Recent Advances In...

Justin Kwok Other
Heow-Pueh Lee Editor

Agents As Objects With...

Nikolaos Skarmeas Author

Clustering and Classification

Phips Arabie Editor
Larry Hubert Editor

The Nonlinear Workbook

Willi-Hans Steeb Author

Collaborative Recommendations

Shlomo Berkovsky Author
Ivan Cantador Author

Web-based Learning

Reggie Kwan Editor
Joseph Fong Editor

Chaos and Information Processing

John S Nicolis Author

Wavelet Active Media...

Jian Ping Li Editor
Simon X Yang Editor

Probability and Random Number

Hiroshi Sugita Author

Advances In...

Stavros D Nikolopoulos Editor
Dimitrios I Fotiadis Editor

Ultrawideband Antennas

Xiaodong Chen Author
Cong Ling Author

Computer and Network...

Venkatesh Mahadevan Editor
Jianhong Zhou Editor

Mobile and Wireless Networks...

Maryline Laurent-naknavicius Editor
Hakima Chaouchi Editor

Multimedia In Education

Irene Cheng Author
Randy Goebel Author

Advances In Scalable Web...

Yoshifumi Masunaga Editor
Seog Park Editor

The Nonlinear Workbook

Willi-Hans Steeb Author

Information Computing and...

Jian Ping Li Editor
Igor Bloshanskii Editor

Introduction to Evolutionary...

Robert J Marks II Author
William A Dembski Author

Realizing Teracomputing,...

Norbert Kreitz Editor
Walter Zwieflhofer Editor

Proceedings of the 11th Joint...

Qingsheng Zhu Editor

Cybernetics and Systems...

Robert Trappl Editor

Safety and Reliability In...

Camille Alain Rabbath Author
Nicolas Lechevin Author

Computing and Information...

George Antoniou Editor
Dorothy Deremer Editor

Data Analysis For Network...

Niall M Adams Editor
Nicholas A Heard Editor

Applied Parallel Computing

Yuefan Deng Author

Categorical Structures and...

Habil Werner Gahler Editor
Gerhard Preuss Editor

Networks, the Proceedings of...

Benny Bing Editor
Pascal Lorenz Editor


Mohammad Osman Tokhi Editor
Hongye Su Editor

Demystifying Computation

Apostolos Syropoulos Author

Linear Algebra Tools For Data...

Dan A Simovici Author

Software Maintenance

Penny Grubb Author
Armstrong A Takang Author

Fuzzy Logic For Beginners

Masao Mukaidono Author

Introduction to Computational...

Muneo Hori Author

Gmdh-methodology and...

Godfrey C Onwubolu Editor

Applications of C++ Programming

Fritz Solms Author
Willi-Hans Steeb Author

Encyclopedia On Ad Hoc and...

Dharma Prakash Agrawal Editor
Bin Xie Editor

Advances In Data Mining and...

Wai Ki Ching Editor
Michael Kwok-Po Ng Editor

Intelligent Virtual World

Timothy K Shih Editor
Paul P Wang Editor

Use of High Performance...

Linda Baker Other
George Mozdzynski Editor