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Computational Science and...

Arpan Deyasi Editor
Soumen Mukherjee Editor

SIP Handbook

Syed A. Ahson Editor
Mohammad Ilyas Editor

Communication, Management and...

Marcelo Sampaio de Alencar Editor

Practical Cloud Security

Melvin B. Greer, Jr. Author
Kevin L. Jackson Author

Case Studies in Strategic...

Hakan Butuner Author

Electronics, Communications...

Amir Hussain Editor
Mirjana Ivanovic Editor

Applied System Innovation

Teen-Hang Meen Editor
Stephen Prior Editor

Managing Lean Projects

Ralph L. Kliem Author

Mind, Machine and Morality

Peter A. Hancock Author

Bayesian Programming

Pierre Bessiere Author
Emmanuel Mazer Author

Essential Mathematics for...

James M. Van Verth Author
Lars M. Bishop Author

3D Engine Design for Virtual...

Patrick Cozzi Author
Kevin Ring Author

Evolutionary Computation

D. Dumitrescu Author
Beatrice Lazzerini Author

PCI Compliance

Abhay Bhargav Author

Leading the Internal Audit...

Lynn Fountain Author

Portfolio Management

PMP, PgMP, Ginger Levin Editor
PfMP, John Wyzalek Editor

Digital Forensics Explained

Greg Gogolin Author

Big Data Analytics

Kim H. Pries Author
Robert Dunnigan Author

Introduction to...

Christophe Giraud Author

Data Visualization

Alexandru C. Telea Author

Security without Obscurity

Jeff Stapleton Author
W. Clay Epstein Author

GPU Pro 4

Wolfgang Engel Editor

Enterprise Integration and...

Li Da Xu Author

Coding and Signal Processing...

Bane Vasic Editor
Erozan M. Kurtas Editor

Practical Graph Mining with R

Nagiza F. Samatova Editor
William Hendrix Editor

Multithreading for Visual...

Martin Watt Author
Erwin Coumans Author

Variational Methods in Image...

Luminita A. Vese Author
Carole Le Guyader Author

Statistical Reinforcement...

Masashi Sugiyama Author

Mobile Evolution

Sebastian Thalanany Author

Successful Program Management

Wanda Curlee Author
Robert Lee Gordon Author

Computer, Intelligent...

Hsiang-Chuan Liu Editor
Wen-Pei Sung Editor

Interaction Design for 3D...

Francisco R. Ortega Author
Fatemeh Abyarjoo Author

Software Quality Assurance

Abu Sayed Mahfuz Author

The SAP Materials Management...

Ashfaque Ahmed Author

Computer Organization, Design...

Sajjan G. Shiva Author

Biomedical Informatics

David J. Lubliner Author

Computer Graphics

Alexey Boreskov Author
Evgeniy Shikin Author

Wireless Sensor Networks

Ibrahiem M. M. El Emary Editor
S. Ramakrishnan Editor

Introduction to Fuzzy Systems

Guanrong Chen Author
Trung Tat Pham Author

Accelerating MATLAB Performance

Yair M. Altman Author

Multihomed Communication with...

Victor C.M. Leung Editor
Eduardo Parente Ribeiro Editor

Cyber-Physical Systems

Fei Hu Author

Cloud Computing Networking

Lee Chao Author

Green Computing

Bud E. Smith Author

Skill Training in Multimodal...

Massîmo Bergamasco Editor
Benoit Bardy Editor

Security for Wireless Sensor...

Harsh Kupwade Patil Author
Stephen A. Szygenda Author

A Systemic Perspective on...

Jeffrey Yi-lin Forrest Author