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William Osler

Michael Bliss Author


Laurel Fay Author

America's Joan of Arc

J. Matthew Gallman Author

Arsinoe of Egypt and Macedon

Women in Antiquity (Series)

Elizabeth Donnelly Carney Author

Composition in Black and White

Kathryn Talalay Author

Restless Ambition

Cathy Curtis Author

The Vital Few

Jonathan Hughes Author

Iris Murdoch, A Writer at War

Peter J. Conradi Editor

Harriet Beecher Stowe

Joan D. Hedrick Author

A Gentleman of Color

Julie Winch Author

Father Abraham

Richard Striner Author

The First of Men

John E. Ferling Author

Earl Warren

G. Edward White Author

The Man Behind the Microchip

Leslie Berlin Author

Samuel Barber

Barbara B. Heyman Author

The Road to Monticello

Kevin J. Hayes Author

Catherine the Great

John T. Alexander Author

Flawed Giant

Robert Dallek Author

Literary Memoirs

José Victorino Lastarria Author
R. Kelly Washbourne Translator

Robert Schumann

John Daverio Author

Gandhi's Passion

Stanley Wolpert Author

J. Robert Oppenheimer

the late Abraham Pais Author
Robert P. Crease Author

The Global Lincoln

Richard Carwardine Editor
Jay Sexton Editor

Burr, Hamilton, and Jefferson

Roger G. Kennedy Author

Mother of Bliss

Lisa Lassell Hallstrom Author

John Winthrop

Francis J. Bremer Author

Mark Twain

Larzer Ziff Author

William Faulkner

Carolyn Porter Author

The Rehnquist Court

Martin H. Belsky Editor

Too Marvelous for Words

James Lester Author

The Better Angel

Roy Morris Author

Gideon Welles

John Niven Author

Katherine Dunham

Joanna Dee Das Author

American Original

Ray Robinson Author

New News Out of Africa

Charlayne Hunter-Gault Author

Lyndon B. Johnson

Robert Dallek Author

Margaret Fuller

Charles Capper Author

Prodigal Sons

Alexander Bloom Author

Harry Emerson Fosdick

Robert Moats Miller Author

Hawthorne's Habitations

Robert Milder Author

Arthur J. Goldberg

David Stebenne Author

Nicolas Nabokov

Vincent Giroud Author

Memoranda During the War

Walt Whitman Author
Peter Coviello Editor

John Adams

John Ferling Author

Light Come Shining

Andrew McCarron PhD Author

Yasir Arafat

Barry Rubin Author
Judith Colp Rubin Author

The Martians of Science

Istvan Hargittai Author