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Introduction to Computer...

Mohamed M Hafez Author
William Tavernetti Author

An Elementary Approach to...

Primers In Electronics and Computer Science (Series)

Lekh Rej Vermani Author
Shalini Vermani Author

Consciousness and Robot...

On Machine Consciousness (Series)

Pentti O A Haikonen Author

Game Theoretic Analysis

Leon A Petrosyan Editor
David Wing Kay Yeung Editor

Ensemble Learning

In Machine Perception and Artificial Intelligence (Series)

Lior Rokach Author

Frontiers In Pattern...

On Language Processing, Pattern Recognition, and Intelligent Systems (Series)

Marleah Blom Editor
Nicola Nobile Editor

Introduction to Numerical...

Wen Shen Author

Digital Innovation

Open Innovation: Bridging Theory and Practice (Series)

Anne-Laure Mention Editor

Multilingual Text Analysis

Natalia Vanetik Editor
Marina Litvak Editor

Marine Big Data

Dongmei Huang Author
Wei Song Author