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Knowledge Management

On Innovation and Knowledge Management (Series)

Sajjad M Jasimuddin Author

Staying Ahead of the Competition

Chris Hall Author
Babette Bensoussan Author

Open Innovation

Open Innovation: Bridging Theory and Practice (Series)

Anne-Laure Mention Editor
Marko Torkkeli Editor

Innovation and Strategy of...

On Technology Management (Series)

Jong Hyun Wi Author

Innovation Management In the...

On Technology Management (Series)

Ben Dankbaar Editor

Winning In Service Markets

Jochen Wirtz Author

Contemporary Logistics In China

Binglian Liu Editor
Shao-ju Lee Editor

Cooperative Extensions of the...

On Mathematical Economics and Game Theory (Series)

Akira Yamazaki Author
Tatsuro Ichiishi Author

Islamic Banking and Finance...

Asia-pacific Business (Series)

Angelo M Venardos Author

China's Trade, Exchange Rate...

The Tricontinental On Global Economic Issues (Series)

John Whalley Editor

Governing and Managing...

On Innovation and Knowledge Management (Series)

Thomas Menkhoff Editor
Hans-Dieter Evers Editor

A Practical Guide to Brain...

Joao Paulo Vieito Author
Armando Freitas da Rocha Author

Knowledge Management

On Innovation and Knowledge Management (Series)

Meliha Handzic Author

Economic Crisis and Rule...

Deming Chen Author
Peiru Liaw Translator

Lifting Productivity In...

Mun Heng Toh Author

From Knowledge Management to...

On Technology Management (Series)

Joe Tidd Author

The Leader, the Teacher & You

Siong Guan Lim Author
Joanne H Lim Author

International Financial...

World Scientific Studies In International Economics (Series)

Douglas D Evanoff Editor
George G Kaufman Editor

Econometric Modeling of China

Econometrics In the Information Age: Theory and Practice of Measurement (Series)

Shinichi Ichimura Editor
Lawrence R Klein Editor

Distribution Models Theory

Rafael Herrerias-pleguezuelo Editor
Jose Callejon-cespedes Editor

Economic Globalization and Asia

Ramkishen S Rajan Author

Investing In Human Capital...

Gordon Guoen Liu Editor
Shufang Zhang Editor

Economic Uncertainty,...

Anastasios G Malliaris Editor

International Management...

Japanese Management and International Studies (Series)

Yasuhiro Monden Other
Kanji Miyamoto Editor

Dynamic and Stochastic...

Jati K Sengupta Author

Inframarginal Economics

Increasing Returns and Inframarginal Economics (Series)

Raymond Wai-man Liu Author
Xiaokai Yang Author

Efficiency of Racetrack...

World Scientific Handbook In Financial Economics (Series)

Donald B Hausch Editor
Victor S Y Lo Editor

Ecosystem-aware Global Supply...

Nukala Viswanadham Author
Sampath Kameshwaran Author

Emerging Capital Markets and...

Ken Morita Author

Market Practice In Financial...

Chia Chiang Tan Author

Economic Analyses Using the...

Mitoshi Yamaguchi Author
Tomoko Kinugasa Author

Merchants, Bankers, Governors

Peter Joseph Drake Author

Industrial Clusters In...

Davide Chiaroni Author
Vittorio Chiesa Author

Inside Real Innovation

Eugene A Fitzgerald Author
Andreas Wankerl Author

Healthcare Policies and...

Attilio Mucelli Editor
Francesca Spigarelli Editor

Closing the Eu East-west...

David A Dyker Editor

Bazaar of Opportunities For...

On Technology Management (Series)

Jaakko Paasi Author
Katri Valkokari Author

China's Regional Economic...

East Asian Institute Contemporary China (Series)

. East Asian Institute Other
Xiaowen Tian Author

Decarbonising the World's...

Terry Barker Editor
Douglas Crawford-Brown Editor

Games and Dynamic Games

World Scientific-now Publishers In Business (Series)

Alain Haurie Author
Jacek B Krawczyk Author

Taiwan's Modernization

Wei-Bin Zhang Author

Gaining Momentum

On Technology Management (Series)

Joe Tidd Editor

Enterprise Risk Management

Financial Engineering and Risk Management (Series)

David L Olson Author
Desheng Dash Wu Author

Inequality and Global...

E Ray Canterbery Author

Corporate Social...

Benoit Vermander Author

Social Interaction and...

On Technology Management (Series)

Steve Conway Editor
Oswald Jones Editor

Advances In Scalable Web...

Yoshifumi Masunaga Editor
Seog Park Editor

Chinese Stock Markets

Dongwei Su Author