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The Fracture of Brittle...

Stephen W. Freiman Author
John J. Mecholsky, Jr. Author

Eichmann's Jews

Doron Rabinovici Author
Nick Somers Translator

Management and Cost...

Mark P. Holtzman Author
Sandy Hood Author

Quick Selection Guide to...

Krister Forsberg Author
S. Z. Mansdorf Author

Prevention is Primary

Larry Cohen Editor
Vivian Chavez Editor

Symbian OS C++ for Mobile Phones

Richard Harrison Author

Network Security Foundations

Matthew Strebe Author

Understanding Breast Cancer

Joy Ogden Author

TCP/IP Analysis and...

Kevin Burns Author

Assessment and Management of...

Peter Wahrborg Author

Virtual Teams

Jessica Lipnack Author
Jeffrey Stamps Author

Accounting and Finance...

Rose Hightower Author

Hidden Financial Risk

J. Edward Ketz Author

How to Use a Consultant in...

John J. McGonagle Author
Carolyn M. Vella Author

Celebrity Sells

Hamish Pringle Author

Developing Democratic...

Roger Soder Editor
John I. Goodlad Editor

Genomic Imprinting and...

Eric Engel Author
Stylianos E. Antonarakis Author

Making Rain

Andrew Sobel Author

Managing Risk in Organizations

J. Davidson Frame Author

Illustrating Fashion

Kathryn McKelvey Author
Janine Munslow Author

Managing the Aging Workforce

Marius Leibold Author
Sven C. Voelpel Author

Atlas of the Diabetic Foot

Nicholas Katsilambros Author
Eleftherios Dounis Author

Offshoring Opportunities

John Berry Author

101 Ways to Improve Customer...

Lorraine L. Ukens Author

Leadership Blind Spots and...

Karen Blakeley Author

The Online Advertising Playbook

Joe Plummer Author
Stephen D. Rappaport Author

Wiley Revenue Recognition

Steven M. Bragg Author

Expert CAD Management

Robert Green Author

Acute Ischemic Stroke

David M. Greer Editor

Selling the Sea

Bob Dickinson Author
Andy Vladimir Author

Puzzles for Programmers and Pros

Dennis E. Shasha Author

Media Rules!

Brian Reich Author
Dan Solomon Author

The Cutaneous Lymphoid...

Cynthia M. Magro Author
A. Neil Crowson Author

Directory of Global...

Lal Balkaran Author

Interior Design Visual...

Maureen Mitton Author

Gerald Ratner

Gerald Ratner Author

Taking Brand Initiative

Mary Jo Hatch Author
Majken Schultz Author

Industrial Relations

Paul Edwards Editor

The Emotional Organization

Stephen Fineman Editor

Basic Virology

Edward K. Wagner Author
Martinez J. Hewlett Author

Introduction to the Study of...

Anthony J. Martin Author

The Human Impact on the...

Andrew S. Goudie Author

Development Communication

Thomas L. McPhail Editor

Fashion Forecasting

Kathryn McKelvey Author
Janine Munslow Author

Mastering Revit Structure 2009

Thomas S. Weir Author
Eric Wing Author

Seafood Handbook

The Editors of Seafood Business Author

American Idol After Iraq

Nathan Gardels Author
Mike Medavoy Author

Experiencing Project Management

Elisabeth Bittner Editor
Walter Gregorc Editor