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Monitoring and Evaluation of...

I. U. Ile Author
C. Eresia-Eke Author

21st Century Psychology for...

Andrea van Vuren Editor

Isigama Sezoqoqosho

Noluntu Dyubhele Author
Zingisa Guzana Author

Information, Ethics and the Law

Hannes Britz Author
Marius Ackermann Author

Information Technology Research

Martin Olivier Author

Study Power

Litha Beekman Author

Boerderybestuur: Finansiële...

M. J. van Reenen Author
A. de K. Marais Author

Financial Management In...

Jean van Rooyen Editor

The Abc of Financial Management

F. C. H. Lovemore Author
L. M. Brümmer Author

Business Management

Gideon Nieman Editor
Alf Bennett Editor

Producing Documentaries

Attie Snyman Author

Adult Learning

Sarah Gravett Author

Business Management

L. R. J. Van Rensburg Editor

Movies Made Easy

Leon van Nierop Author

A History of South African...

Jerry Koch Author

Child and Youth Misbehaviour...

Christiaan Bezuidenhout Editor

Exploring Creativity and...

Alex Antonites Author

Corporate Communication

Elise van Staden Author
Susan Marx Author

Medical Terminology for...

J. P. Bosman Author
J. P. K. Kritzinger Author

The Economics of Water

Willem Meyer Author

Norme Vir Afrikaans

W. A. M. Carstens Author

Oorgange En Voortgange

Hein Willemse Editor

A History of Schooling In...

J. J. Booyse Author
C. S. le Roux Author

Marketing In South Africa

John Simpson Author
Bridget Dore Author

Corporate Law for Commerce...

Adriaan Haupt Author
Nkhangweni Jerry Malange Author

Contemporary Cases In...

H. B. Klopper Editor
Kim Viljoen Editor

A Framework for the Study of...

A. Weideman Author

Manage Your Money

Nico Swart Author


J. du P. Bothma Editor

Understanding Social Research

Johann Mouton Author

The Organisation of Government

J. S. H. Gildenhuys Author
A. Knipe Author

Fundamentals of Sales and...

Eugene Engelbrecht Author

Life Skills and Assets

Liesel Ebersohn Author
Irma Eloff Author

Multilingualism and...

Marlene Verhoef Author
Theodorus du Plessis Author

Multilingualism for Empowerment

Pol Cuvelier Editor
Theodorus du Plessis Editor

Health and Health Care In...

H. C. J. Van Rensburg Editor

Paediatric Surgery Workbook

J. H. R. Becker Editor

Research Writing

Cecile Badenhorst Author

Multilingualism and...

Walter Daelemans Editor
Theo du Plessis Editor

Op Die Keper Beskou

H. P. Grebe Author

Small Business Management

Gideon Nieman Editor

Schools as Organisations

P. C. Van der Westhuizen Editor

Speech Language Therapy in a...

S. Moonsamy Editor
H. Kathard Editor

Dissertation Writing

Cecil Badenhorst Author

Managing Human Capital In the...

David M. Mello Editor


H. P. Van Coller Author

Strategic Integrated...

D. Mulder Editor
I. Niemann-Struweg Editor


Frans Grobler Author