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Programming Kubernetes

michael Hausenblas Author
Stefan Schimanski Author

Mastering Spark with R

Javier Luraschi Author
Kevin Kuo Author

Programming Quantum Computers

Eric R. Johnston Author
Nic Harrigan Author

Building Intelligent Cloud...

John Biggs Author
Vicente Herrera García Author

Cloud Native

Boris Scholl Author
Trent Swanson Author

Database Internals

Alex Petrov Author

Natural Language Processing...

Delip Rao Author
Brian McMahan Author

Creating Augmented and...

Erin Pangilinan Author
Steve Lukas Author

iOS 13 Programming...

Matt Neuburg Author

Strengthening Deep Neural...

Katy Warr Author


Lee Calcote Author
Zack Butcher Author

Learning Chaos Engineering

Russ Miles Author

Practical Automated Machine...

Deepak Mukunthu Author
Parashar Shah Author

Practical Artificial...

Mars Geldard Author
Jonathon Manning Author

Hands-On Unsupervised...

Ankur A. Patel Author

Cybersecurity Ops with bash

Paul Troncone Author
Carl Albing Ph.D. Author

Strategic Writing for UX

Torrey Podmajersky Author

Learning CoreDNS

John Belamaric Author
Cricket Liu Author

Windows 10 May 2019 Update

David Pogue Author

Machine Learning Pocket...

Matt Harrison Author

Programming PyTorch for Deep...

Ian Pointer Author

Head First Go

Jay McGavren Author

Practical Data Science with SAP

Greg Foss Author
Paul Modderman Author

Arista Warrior

Gary A. Donahue Author


Yevgeniy Brikman Author

Kubernetes: Up and Running

Brendan Burns Author
Joe Beda Author

Programming TypeScript

Boris Cherny Author

Unity Game Development Cookbook

Paris Buttfield-Addison Author
Jon Manning Author

Data Science from Scratch

Joel Grus Author

Practical Deep Learning for...

Anirudh Koul Author
Siddha Ganju Author

Hands-On Machine Learning...

Aurélien Géron Author

Head First Kotlin

Dawn Griffiths Author
David Griffiths Author


Jim Van Meggelen Author
Russell Bryant Author

Semantic Software Design

Eben Hewitt Author

Kubernetes Patterns

Bilgin Ibryam Author
Roland Huß Author

Practical Time Series Analysis

Aileen Nielsen Author

Concurrency in C# Cookbook

Stephen Cleary Author

Generative Deep Learning

David Foster Author

Raspberry Pi Cookbook

Simon Monk Author

AI for People and Business

Alex Castrounis Author

Stream Processing with Apache...

Gerard Maas Author
Francois Garillot Author

Practical Cloud Security

Chris Dotson Author

The Enterprise Big Data Lake

Alex Gorelik Author


Matt Stauffer Author

Programming Bitcoin

Jimmy Song Author

Learning Apache OpenWhisk

Michele Sciabarrà Author

D3 for the Impatient

Philipp K. Janert Author

Lean Branding

Laura Busche Author