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Thomas Mann's The Magic Mountain

Rodney Symington Author

Greek and English Proverbs

Panos Karagiorgos Author

A Student's Handbook of...

Neerja A. Gupta Author

Qualitative Research in Business

Alf H. Walle Author

Abhinavagupta's Comments on...

Neerja A. Gupta Author

Humanitarian Subsidiarity

Dualta Roughneen Author

Chinese Food for Life Care

The Chinese Way (Series)

Hua Yang Author
Wen Guo Author

Once upon a Time

Sarah A. Appleton Editor

Writing Out of Limbo

Gene H. Bell-Villada Editor
Nina Sichel Editor

Seeking God in the Works of T...

Harry Eiss Author

Questioning Linguistics

Ahmar Mahboob Editor
Naomi Knight Editor

How Interculturally Competent...

Stephanie Ann Houghton Author

Chinese Women Writers in...

Amy Tak-yee Lai Author

An Analytical Diary of 1939-1940

Andrew Sangster Author

Semiotics and Visual...

Evripides Zantides Editor

Philosophy and the Flow of...

Stephen Costello Author

Medieval or Early Modern

Ronald Hutton Editor

Ancient Mediterranean Religions

John Stephens Author

Margaret Atwood's Dystopian...

Sławomir Kuźnicki Author

Revisiting Loss

Wojciech Drąg Author

Magical Suspension

James Combs Author

Languages in Australian...

Anthony J. Liddicoat Editor
Angela Scarino Editor

Asian English Writers of...

Amy Lai Author

The Spirit of Colin McCahon

Zoe Alderton Author

Depicting Dante in...

Christoph Lehner Author

Subaltern Vision

Aparajita De Editor
Amrita Ghosh Editor

Wandering through Guilt

Paola Di Gennaro Author

Reconstructing Trauma and...

Ileana Carmen Rogobete Author

The Famished Road

Vanessa Guignery Editor

Guide to Early Childhood...

Pamela R. Cook Editor


Michael Palairet Author

The Silent Life of Things

Daniela Rogobete Editor
Jonathan P. Sell Editor

English Narrative Poetry

Özlem Görey Author

Family, Violence and Gender...

Chi Sum Garfield Lau Author

Schoolhouse Gothic

Sherry R. Truffin Author

Social Economics and...

Georgeta Raţă Editor
Patricia-Luciana Runcan Editor

The Church and the Slums

Alastair Wilcox Author

Assessing L2 Students with...

Dina Tsagari Editor
George Spanoudis Editor

The Poetics of Philosophy [A...

David A. Ross Author

Dramatising Disaster

Rhys Owain Thomas Editor
Christine Cornea Editor

Food Politics

Quinbala Marak Author

Exploring Turkish Cultures

Laurence Raw Author


Mike Benbough-Jackson Editor
Sam Davies Editor

One is Never Alone with a...

Marilette van der Colff Author

Making Peace In and With the...

Heon Kim Editor
John Raines Editor

A Short History of the Church...

Hervé Picton Author

Acquiring Lingua Franca of...

Elena Polyudova Editor

International Perspectives on...

K. Jaishankar Editor