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Father, Son, and Constitution

Alexander Wohl Author

A Theory of Legal Personhood

Oxford Legal Philosophy (Series)

Visa AJ Kurki Author

Forensic Firearm Examination

Chris Monturo Author

Courting the Community

Christine Zozula Author

Safer Communities, Volume 18,...

Safer Communities (Series)

Tim Bateman Editor
John Pitts Editor

Utility, Publicity, and Law

Gerald J. Postema Author

Battle For the Marble Palace

Michael Bobelian Author

The Oxford Handbook of...

Oxford Handbooks (Series)

Curtis A. Bradley Editor

Brexit--And What It Means

Schriften zur Europäischen Integration und Internationalen Wirtschaftsordnung -Veröffentlichungen des Wilhelm-Merton-Zentrums für Europäische Integration und Internationale Wirtschaftsordnung (Series)

Stefan Kadelbach Editor

The Hidden History of Guns...

Thom Hartmann Author

Effective Internal Control...

Schriften zum europäischen, internationalen und vergleichenden Unternehmensrecht (Series)

Fabian Hertel Author

Doctrine, Practice, and...

James L. Cavallaro Author
Claret Vargas Author

Constitutional Design

Барциц, Игорь Author

Law in Australian Society

Keiran Hardy Author

Intimate Lies and the Law

Jill Elaine Hasday Author

The Code of Capital

Katharina Pistor Author

Agricultural Extension...

Suresh Chandra Babu Editor
P.k. Joshi Editor

Lives on the Line

Jeffrey J. Sallaz Author

Journal of Property, Planning...

Journal of Property, Planning and Environmental Law (Series)

Emma Lees Editor
Julie Adshead Editor

A Post-Analytical Approach to...

Polish Contemporary Philosophy and Philosophical Humanities (Series)

Jan Burzynski Editor
Andrzej Bator Editor

Constitutional Myths and...

Барциц, Игорь Author

The Last Waltz of the Law of...

Joseph-Mathias Gérard de Rayneval Author
Jean Allain Translator

The Global Community Yearbook...

Giuliana Ziccardi Capaldo Editor

Empowering the New Mobility...

Tyler Reeb Editor

The Human Right to a...

Schriften des MenschenRechtsZentrums der Universität Potsdam (Series)

Logi Gunnarsson Editor
ulrike Mürbe Editor

3D Data Acquisition for...

Noriko Seguchi Editor
Beatrix Dudzik Editor

Track Access Charges in...

Justina Hudenko Author

Fundamentals of Smart...

Richard Ma Author
Jan Gorzny Author

World Trade and Investment...

Alvaro Santos Editor
Chantal Thomas Editor

Labour Law and Welfare...

Michele Tiraboschi Author

Privatizing Dispute Resolution

Studies of the Max Planck Institute Luxembourg for International, European and Regulatory Procedural Law (Series)

Loic Cadiet Editor
Burkhard Hess Editor

E Pluribus Unum

William E. Nelson Author

Women Lifers

Meredith Huey Dye Author
Ronald H. Aday Author

Trade Relations after Brexit

Friedemann Kainer Editor
rené Repasi Editor

Megaregulation Contested

Law and Global Governance (Series)

Benedict Kingsbury Editor
David M. Malone Editor

Ethics Rounds

Pediatric Collections (Series)

American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) Editor
John D. Lantos Editor

Constitutional Amendments

Richard Albert Author

Divorce in Illinois

Divorce In (Series)

Steven N. Peskind Author

Foreign Missions of an...

John Hailman Author

Cosmopolitanism and the...

The Fairleigh Dickinson University Press in Communication Studies (Series)

Jennifer Biedendorf Author

Criminally Ignorant

Dr. Alexander Sarch Author

Industrial and Medical...

Jean-Claude Amiard Author

Legal Issues in the Digital...

ADAPT Labour Studies Book-Series

Valeria Filì Editor
Federico Costantini Editor

Social Context and Social...

Gayle MacDonald Editor

Survey of Law School Faculty...

Survey of Law School Faculty & Administration (Series)

Primary Research Group, Inc. Author

A Stolen Life

Antonio Buti Author

The Crusade for Equality in...

Robert Belton Author
Stephen L. Wasby Editor

Braiding Legal Orders

John Borrows Editor
Larry Chartrand Editor