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God Land

Lyz Lenz Author

Harlem's Rattlers and the...

Jeffrey T. Sammons Author
John H. Jr. Morrow Author

South Bronx Battles

Carolyn McLaughlin Author

War over Peace

Uri Ben-Eliezer Author

The Rising Clamor

David P. Hadley Author

Forensic Firearm Examination

Chris Monturo Author

A Critical Edition of Ruths...

Arlene McAlister Editor

Pulling a Rabbit Out of a Hat

Ross Anderson Author

New Orleans Sports

Sport, Culture, and Society (Series)

Thomas Aiello Author

Narrative Complexity

Frontiers of Narrative (Series)

Marina Grishakova Editor
Maria Poulaki Editor

Confessions of a Yiddish...

Chava Rosenfarb Author
Goldie Morgentaler Editor

Transcendence and Film

David P. Nichols Editor
Dylan James Trigg Contributor

In This Hour

Helen Plotkin Editor
Abraham Joshua Heschel Author

Call for Change

Donald L. Fixico Author

Building Sexual Misconduct...

Shing-Ling S. Chen Editor
Zhuojun Joyce Chen Editor

Read My Plate

Deborah R. Geis Author

Framing the Fight against...

Amanda D. Clark Author

Crime in the United States 2019

U.S. DataBook (Series)

Shana Hertz Hattis Editor


Jack Rossen Author

A Leftist Critique of the...

Richard Anderson-Connolly Author

Well-Being as a...

Anthropology of Well-Being: Individual, Community, Society (Series)

Janet M. Page-Reeves Editor
John Andazola Contributor

Butrint 6

Simon Greenslade Editor

Cartographies of Madrid

Silvia Bermudez Editor
Anthony L. Geist Editor

Digital Diasporas

Radhika Gajjala Author

My Friend Uses Leg Braces

All Kinds of Friends (Series)

Kaitlyn Duling Author

Ski Style

Annie Gilbert Coleman Author

Messianic Fulfillments

Hayes Peter Mauro Author


Univocal (Series)

elisabeth Von Samsonow Author
Anita Fricek Translator

Accountability across Borders

Xóchitl Bada Editor
Shannon Gleeson Editor


Mythical Creatures (Series)

Matt Doeden Author
Martín Horacio Bustamante Illustrator

Build It! Wild West

Brick (Series)

Jennifer Kemmeter Author

In the Forests of Freedom

Caribbean Studies (Series)

Lennox Honychurch Author

Intimate Lies and the Law

Jill Elaine Hasday Author


Marisol Clark-Ibáñez Author
Richelle S. Swan Author

Madness in the City of...

Martin Summers Author

The Phone Addiction Workbook

Hilda Burke Author

The Library Screen Scene

Renee Hobbs Author
Liz Deslauriers Author

Nurse Tools

Bumba Books ® — Community Helpers Tools of the Trade (Series)

Laura Hamilton Waxman Author

The Measurement of Media...

Xiaoqun Zhang Author

Addicted to Video Games

Addicted (Series)

Bradley Steffens Author

Art from Trauma

Rangira Béa Gallimore Editor
Gerise Herndon Editor

Relationship-based Social...

Heidi Dix Editor
Dr. Sue Hollinrake Editor

Chiefs of the Plantation

Lincoln Addison Author

Urban Youth Trauma

Melvin Delgado Author

New Theories for Social Work...

Kieran O'Donoghue Editor
Robyn Munford Editor


My Feelings (Series)

Barry Cole Author

Critique of Identity Thinking

Michael Jackson Author

Lewis Henry Morgan's Comparisons

Georg Pfeffer Author