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The Economies of Queer Inclusion

S. M. Rodriguez Author

Freedom and Economic Order

Linda C. Raeder Author

Corporate Power, Class...

Ronald W. Cox Author

The Democratic Arts of Mourning

Alexander Keller Hirsch Editor
David W. McIvor Editor

Retelling the Past in...

Trine Stauning Willert Editor
Gerasimus Katsan Editor

Preponderance in U.S. Foreign...

Graham Slater Author

Noticing Oral Corrective...

Eva Kartchava Author

The Wakamatsu Tea and Silk...

Daniel A. Métraux Author
Amy S. Miller Author of introduction, etc.

Politics and International...

Stylianos A. Sotiriou Author

Republican Presidents and the...

Matthew Gritter Author

The Essentials of Islamic...

John Oluseyi Kuforiji Author

Mediatization of Physical...

Katarzyna Kopecka-Piech Author

Energy Policy in the Emerging...

Joachim Betz Author
Sören Scholvin Author

Indianization, the Officer...

Chandar S. Sundaram Author

South Asia Conundrum

B. M. Jain Author

Reading as Democracy in Crisis

James Rovira Editor
Cassandra Falke Contributor

Narrating Midlife

Christine Elizabeth Kiesinger Editor
Lori West Peterson Editor

Studio-Based Approaches for...

Russell Carpenter Editor
Hannah Dean Contributor

Politics and Identity...

Apollos O. Nwauwa Editor
Ogechi E. Anyanwu Editor

Hermeneutics in the Genre of...

Husain Kassim Author

Transcendence and Film

David P. Nichols Editor
Dylan James Trigg Contributor

The Queer Life of Things

Anne M. Harris Author
Stacy Holman Jones Author

Read My Plate

Deborah R. Geis Author

Framing the Fight against...

Amanda D. Clark Author

Feminism and Folk Art

Eli Bartra Author

A Leftist Critique of the...

Richard Anderson-Connolly Author

Syrian Forced Migration and...

Christine Crudo Blackburn Author
Paul E. Lenze Jr. Author

History of American Political...

Bryan-Paul Frost Editor
Jeffrey Sikkenga Editor

The Measurement of Media...

Xiaoqun Zhang Author

Moving beyond Technicism in...

Yasemin Tezgiden Cakcak Author

Trump's World

John Davis Author

A Christian Approach to Work...

Thomas V. Frederick Author
Scott E. Dunbar Author

The Global Migration of...

Daniel T. Buffington Author

The Primacy of PISA

Joseph M. Piro Author

Somatic Desire

Sarah Horton Editor
Stephen Mendelsohn Editor

Rhythm and Blues Goes Calypso

Timothy Dodge Author

Communicating during...

Marouf Hasian Jr. Author

Well-Being as a...

Anthropology of Well-Being: Individual, Community, Society (Series)

Janet M. Page-Reeves Editor
John Andazola Contributor

A Phenomenological...

Philosophy of Race (Series)

David Polizzi Author

Building Sexual Misconduct...

Shing-Ling S. Chen Editor
Zhuojun Joyce Chen Editor

Climate Engineering

Daniel Edward Callies Author

Creation and Contingency in...

O. P. Torchia Author

The Nazarbayev Generation

Contemporary Central Asia: Societies, Politics, and Cultures (Series)

Marlene Laruelle Editor
Aziz Burkhanov Contributor

John G. Kemeny and Dartmouth...

Stephen J. Nelson Author

The Myth of the...

Jim Cook Author

K-Pop Idols

Hark Joon Lee Author
Dal Yong Jin Author

Strategic Culture in Russia's...

Katalin Miklóssy Editor
Hanna Smith Editor

Eric Voegelin Today

Political Theory for Today (Series)

Scott Robinson Editor
David Whitney Editor