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Amor Mundi and Overcoming...

Religion and Science as a Critical Discourse (Series)

Justin Pack Author

Contemporary Perspectives on...

Marguerite La Caze Editor
Magdalena Zolkos Editor

Kant and Theodicy

George Huxford Author

Translated Memories

Lexington Studies in Jewish Literature (Series)

Bettina Hofmann Editor
Anne Ranasinghe Contributor

Evolution Education and the...

Kristin Cook Editor
Alandeom W. Oliveira Editor

The Animal in the Synagogue

Lexington Studies in Jewish Literature (Series)

Dan Miron Author

Leisure and Labor

Anthony P. Coleman Editor
Anthony P. Coleman Contributor

The Problem of the Idea of...

John Corrigan Author
Robert Orlando Author of afterword, colophon, etc.

Hidden Christians in Japan

Kirk Sandvig Author

The Legacy of the Barmen...

Faith and Politics: Political Theology in a New Key (Series)

Fred Dallmayr Editor
Fred Dallmayr Contributor

Asian Catholic Women

Thao Nguyen Author

The Cry of the Poor

Alexandre A. Martins Author

Kant and Mysticism

Contemporary Studies in Idealism (Series)

Stephen R. Palmquist Author

A Biblical Path for a...

Brian Baugus Author

Embodied Idolatry

Kyle Edward Haden Author

The Arc of the Covenant

Earl Schwartz Author

Sacred Rituals and Humane Death

Magfirah Dahlan Author

Rabbi on the Ganges

Alan Brill Author

Reason, Authority, and the...

Mark J. Boone Author

America's Other Muslims

Black Diasporic Worlds: Origins and Evolutions from New World Slaving (Series)

Muhammad Fraser-Rahim Author


Gloria Neufeld Redekop Editor
Gloria Neufeld Redekop Contributor

Jewish Studies and Israel...

Lexington Studies in Modern Jewish History, Historiography, and Memory (Series)

Carsten Schapkow Editor
Klaus Hödl Editor

Integral Ecology for a More...

Dennis O'Hara Editor
Matthew Eaton Editor

The Labyrinths of Love

Lee Irwin Author

American Philosophers Read...

Jacob L. Goodson Editor
Jacob L. Goodson Contributor

Christian Theology in the Age...

Peter C. Phan Editor
Peter C. Phan Contributor

International Religious Freedom

James P. MacGuire Editor
David Alton (Prof.Lord Alton of Liverpool) Contributor

The Religious Existentialists...

Anthony Malagon Editor
Abi Doukhan Editor

The Kaleidoscopic Vision of...

Nigel H. Foxcroft Author

Pluralism in the Iraqi Novel...

Ronen Zeidel Author

Feminist Praxis against U.S....

Postcolonial and Decolonial Studies in Religion and Theology (Series)

Nami Kim Editor
Wonhee Anne Joh Editor

Disaffiliating Ministry

Gregory Baker Author
Tom Beaudoin Author of introduction, etc.

Women, Sainthood, and Power

Oliva M. Espín Author

Care for the Mental and...

Religion and Race (Series)

Nicholas Grier Author

William Taylor and the...

Douglas D. Tzan Author

Introducing Prophetic Pragmatism

Jacob L. Goodson Author
Brad Elliott Stone Author

Rhetoric of the Protestant...

Eric C. Miller Editor
Jonathan J. Edwards Editor

Decoding the Egalitarianism...

Lexington Studies in Classical and Modern Islamic Thought (Series)

Abla Hasan Author

Caring for Creation

Daniel E. Lee Author

Devotional Intelligence and...

Phillip Stambovsky Author

Christians and Muslims in the...

Michael Frassetto Author

T. F. Torrance's...

Alexander J. D. Irving Author

Gender and Religious Leadership

Hartmut Bomhoff Editor
Denise L. Eger Editor

The Methods of Science and...

Tiddy Smith Author

Chicago Muslims and the...

S. Kaazim Naqvi Author

Beacons of Dharma

Explorations in Indic Traditions: Theological, Ethical, and Philosophical (Series)

Christopher Patrick Miller Editor
Jeffery D. Long Editor

Judaism for Christians

Lexington Studies in Modern Jewish History, Historiography, and Memory (Series)

Sina Rauschenbach Author
Corey Twitchell Translator

Mystic Moderns

James H. Thrall Author