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Forensic Firearm Examination

Chris Monturo Author

Agricultural Extension...

Suresh Chandra Babu Editor
P.k. Joshi Editor

Empowering the New Mobility...

Tyler Reeb Editor

3D Data Acquisition for...

Noriko Seguchi Editor
Beatrix Dudzik Editor

The Chief Security Officer's...

Michael Allen Author

Practicing Forensic Criminology

Kevin Fox Gotham Author
Daniel Bruce Kennedy Author

Nutraceutical and Functional...

Debasis Bagchi Editor

Forensic Anthropology

Angi M. Christensen Author
Nicholas V. Passalacqua Author

Forensic Examination of...

Linton A. Mohammed Author

Big Data Analytics for...

Guido Dartmann Editor
Houbing Song Editor

Trends of Environmental...

Shazia Iftikhar Editor