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Popular Spiritualities

Lynne Hume Author
Kathleen McPhillips Editor

Windows onto Jewish Legal...

Hanina Ben-Menahem Editor
Arye Edrei Editor

Action Dharma

Christopher Queen Author
Damien Keown Editor

Interpretations of the...

Catherine A. Robinson Author

William James and the...

Jeremy Carrette Editor

Rethinking Biblical Scholarship

Philip R. Davies Author

Conversation, Friendship and...

Jennifer Constantine Jackson Author

The Wondering Brain

Kelly Bulkeley Author

Digital Religion

Heidi A. Campbell Editor

Rendering the Word in...

Mark Alan Bowald Author

Religion and Social...

David Herbert Editor

Patterns of Belief

Eric Carlton Author

Reading the Qur'an in the...

Abdullah Saeed Author

Personal Identity and...

Georg Gasser Editor

Resisting the Place of Belonging

Daniel Boscaljon Editor

Philosophy of Religion in the...

paul Richard Blum Author

Protestants in Communist East...

Wendy R. Tyndale Author

Architecture, Islam, and...

Michelle Apotsos Author

Explorations in Reconciliation

Joseph Liechty Author
David Tombs Editor

D.Z. Phillips' Contemplative...

Andy F. Sanders Editor

Bishops, Wives and Children

Douglas J. Davies Author
Mathew Guest Author

John Moschos' Spiritual Meadow

Brenda Llewellyn Ihssen Author

The Transformation of...

Hartmut Elsenhans Author
Rachid Ouaissa Author

Poetry and Prayer

Francesca Bugliani Knox Author
John Took Author

The Mediatization of Religion

Luis Mauro Sa Martino Author

The Heart of Biblical Theology

Mark W. Elliott Author

Making Chaplaincy Work

Laurel A Burton Author

Sacred Nature

Jerome A. Stone Author

The Legal Treatment of Muslim...

Andrea Pin Author

The Ashgate Research...

Andrew K.T. Yip Author
Stephen J. Hunt Editor

The Disappearance of Moral...

Dallas Willard Author
Steven L. Porter Editor

Marks of an Absolute Witch

Orna Alyagon Darr Author

Exploring Agency in the...

Sibesh Chandra Bhattacharya Editor
Vrinda Dalmiya Editor

Signs of God

Mark Corner Author

Protestant Nonconformist Texts

David Bebbington Editor

Public Life and the Place of...

Michael Brierley Editor

International Perspectives on...

Richard L Dayringer Author

Managing the Mystery Collection

Judith A. Overmier Author
Rhonda Harris Taylor Author

Jewish Mothers Tell Their...

Rachel J Siegel Author
Ellen Cole Author

The Coptic Christian Heritage

Lois M. Farag Author

Women and the Family

Beth Hess Author
Marvin B Sussman Author

Ecclesiastical Lordship,...

Adam Lucas Author

Ismaili History and...

Farhad Daftary Author

South Asian Christian Diaspora

Selva J. Raj Author
Knut A. Jacobsen Editor

Religion and Power

David Martin Author

Petre Tutea

Alexandru Popescu Author

Religion and Conflict Resolution

Megan Shore Author

An Introduction to the...

Inger Furseth Author
Pål Repstad Author