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Hudson Taylor's Spiritual Secret

Moody Classics (Series)

Dr. Howard Taylor Author
geraldine Taylor Author

The Life and Times of Martin...

J Merle D'Aubigne Author

Gladys Aylward

Gladys Aylward Author

The In-Between

Jeff Goins Author
Shauna Niequist Author of introduction, etc.

George Mueller

Golden Oldies (Series)

Faith Coxe Bailey Author


Dorie Van Stone Author
Erwin W. Lutzer Author

If I Perish

Esther Ahn Kim Author

Finding Your Calling

Jeff Goins Author

The Confessions of St. Augustine

Moody Classics (Series)

St Augustine Author
Rosalie de Rosset Editor

Paul the Apostle

Robert E. Picirilli Author

Mover of Men and Mountains

R. G. LeTourneau Author

D.L. Moody--A Life

Kevin Belmonte Author

By Searching

Isobel Kuhn Author

Not God's Type

Holly Ordway Author

The Life and Diary of David...

Jonathan Edwards Author

When Others Shuddered

Jamie Janosz Author

Queen of the Dark Chamber

Christiana Tsai Author
Ellen Drummond Contributor

The Bible or the Axe

William O. Levi Author

Amy Carmichael

Lois Hoadley Dick Author

Courageous Christians

Joyce Vollmer Brown Author

Billy Sunday

Golden Oldies (Series)

William Ellis Author

Mormonism Mama and Me

Thelma Geer Author

God Owns My Business

Stanley Tam Author
Ken Anderson Contributor

D. L. Moody

Golden Oldies (Series)

Faith Coxe Bailey Author

Nothing to Fear

Larry Burkett Author

Cereal Tycoon

Joe Musser Author

The Journal of John Wesley

Percy Livingstone Parker Editor

He Will Be the Preacher

Erwin W. Lutzer Author

Radical Redemption

Manny Mill Author

Susanna Wesley

Sandy Dengler Author

Jonathan Edwards Lover of God

The Essential Edwards Collection (Series)

Book 1

Owen Strachan Author
Douglas Allen Sweeney Author

Chosen for a Special Joy

Jean L. Andrianoff Author

Heavenly Destiny

Emma Moody Powell Author

Radical Redemption

Manny Mill Author
Jude Skallerup Contributor

A Passion for God

Lyle Dorsett Author

Cain's Redemption

Dennis Shere Author

Vertical Leap

Bill Rieser Author

The Life of Billy Kim

Billy Kim Author

In Peril on the Sea

Robert W Bell Author
D. Bruce Lockerbie Author

Weak Thing in Moni Land

William A. Cutts Author

A.B. Simpson

A.E. Thompson Author

Farther in and Deeper Down

E. K. Bailey Author


Moody Publishers Compiler
Joseph Stowell III Author of introduction, etc.

A Heart for Imbabura

Charles W. Shepson Author

A.W. Tozer

David J. Fant Jr. Author

Ireland Awakening

Colportage Library (Series)

Book 233

Eva Stuart Watt Author

A Christian in Big Business

Richard Ellsworth Day Author

Martyr's Grace

Marvin J. Newell Author
Michael J. Easley Author of introduction, etc.