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Multi-Core Embedded Systems

Embedded Multi-Core Systems (Series)

Georgios Kornaros Editor

Soil Degradation in the...

Rattan Lal Author
Rattan Lal Author

Concise Introduction to Basic...

Hemen Dutta Author
P. N. Natarajan Author

Electric Power Distribution...

Power Engineering (Willis) (Series)

Richard E. Brown Author

Excessive Medical Spending

Norman J. Temple Author
Andrew Thompson Author

Blender for Visual Effects

Sam Vila Author

High-Risk Atherosclerotic...

Levon Michael Khachigian Editor

The MRCPsych Study Manual

Ben Green Author

Nanotechnology and Global...

Donald Maclurcan Author

Brain Aging

David R. Riddle Editor

IT Project Management

Best Practices in Portfolio, Program, and Project Management (Series)

Byron A. Love Author

Ergonomics and...

Richard Graveling Editor

e-Learning in Aviation

Ashgate Studies in Human Factors for Flight Operations (Series)

Suzanne Kearns Author

Clinical Haematology

Illustrated Clinical Cases (Series)

Atul Bhanu Mehta Author
Keith Gomez Author

Crew Resource Management

Critical Essays on Human Factors in Aviation (Series)

Eduardo Salas Editor
Eleana Edens Editor

Contemporary Issues in...

George Ofori Editor

Using the Building Regulations

Melanie Smith Author

Hazardous Building Materials

Steve Curwell Author
Bob Fox Author

Introduction to Abstract Algebra

Jonathan D. H. Smith Author

UX Style Frameworks

Marti Gold Author

Quantitative Modeling of...

Peter Laurence Author

Rating and Council Tax Pocket...

Routledge Pocket (Series)

Matthew Cain Ormondroyd Author

Renewable Energy in the...

Peter Prag Author

Enterprise Integration and...

Li Da Xu Author

Human Factors in the Maritime...

Michelle Grech Author
Tim Horberry Author

Multi-Objective Optimization...

Yezid Donoso Author
Ramon Fabregat Author

Respiratory Drug Delivery (1989)

CRC Press Revivals (Series)

Peter R. Byron Author

Construction in the Landscape

Carpenter T.G. Author

Directing the Story

Francis Glebas Author

Facilities Management and the...

Danny Then Shiem-Shin Author
Tan Teng Hee Author

Getting Started in ZBrush

Greg Johnson Author

Risk Matters in Healthcare

Kay Mohanna Author
Ruth Chambers Author

The Stamp Duty Land Tax Handbook

Tony Johnson Author
Chris Hart Author

Several Complex Variables and...

John P. D'Angelo Author

Get Through DRCOG

Rekha Wuntakal Author
Madhavi Kalidindi Author

A First Course in Logic

Mark Verus Lawson Author

Engineering Psychology and...

Don Harris Editor

Browsers, Devices, and Fonts

Gary Rozanc Author

Data Analytics Applications...

Data Analytics Applications (Series)

Günter Wallner Editor

Fundamentals of Internet of...

Technology for Non-Engineers (Series)

Rebecca Lee Hammons Editor
Ronald J. Kovac Editor

Sexuality and Disability

Elaine Cooper Author
John Guillebaud Author

Safety and Quality in Medical...

John W. Overton Editor

Solid Lubrication...

Materials Engineering (Series)

Kazuhisa Miyoshi Editor

New MRCPsych Paper II Mock...

MasterPass (Series)

Vellingiri Badrakalimuthu Author

Multimedia Watermarking...

Darko Kirovski Author

Surviving Game School...and...

Michael Lynch Author
Adrian Earle Author

The Fifteen Minute Hour

Marian R. Stuart Author
Joseph A. Lieberman Author

Short Bowel Syndrome

John K. DiBaise Editor
Carol Rees Parrish Editor