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Documents of Japanese...

Eyewitness to History (Series)

Linda L. Ivey Author
Kevin W. Kaatz Author

African American Culture

Cultures of the American Mosaic (Series)

Omari L. Dyson Editor
Judson L. Jeffries Ph.D. Editor

Examining Crime and Justice...

Global Viewpoints (Series)

Janet P. Stamatel Author

Worldwide Perspectives on...

Paula Gerber Ph.D. Editor


Religion in Politics and Society Today (Series)

Steven Leonard Jacobs Author

Race in American Television

David J. Leonard Editor
Stephanie Troutman Robbins Editor

Votes for Women! the American...

Guides to Historic Events in America (Series)

Marion W. Roydhouse Author

Negotiating at Home

Terri R. Kurtzberg Author
Mary C. Kern Author

Gender and Identity around...

Chuck Stewart Editor

Family Separation and the U.S...

21st-Century Turning Points (Series)

Laurie Collier Hillstrom Author

On the Job

Margo Demello Author

Violence in American Society

Chris Richardson Editor

Modern Slavery

Contemporary World Issues (Series)

Christina G. Villegas Author