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Dreyer's English

Benjamin Dreyer Author

Save the Cat! Writes a Novel

Jessica Brody Author

Reader, Come Home

Maryanne Wolf Author

Digger, Dozer, Dumper

Hope Vestergaard Author
David Slonim Illustrator

Under Fire

April Ryan Author
Tamron Hall Author of introduction, etc.

A Deal with the Devil

Blake Ellis Author
Melanie Hicken Author

Wit's End

James Geary Author


Gaston Dorren Author

Merchants of Truth

Jill Abramson Author

How to Behave Badly in...

Ruth Goodman Author

Dirty John and Other True...

Christopher Goffard Author

Planet Funny

Ken Jennings Author

Wonderbook (Revised and...

Jeff VanderMeer Author

Write to the Point

Sam Leith Author

West of the West

Mark Arax Author

Political Speech as a Weapon

Sylvia Gonzalez-Gorman Author

Guided Inquiry Design®...

Leslie K. Maniotes Author

Introducing Rob

Short Plays for English Learners (Series)

Alice Savage Author

English Spelling and...

John Antonakos Author

Social Skills

Jonathan S. Parker Author

Proposition 13 - America's...

Charles I. Guarria Author


Library Futures (Series)

Book 2

Rebekkah Smith Aldrich Author

Ethics for Records and...

Norman A. Mooradian Author

Science Libraries in the Self...

Alvin Hutchinson Author

Storytime and Beyond

Kathy Barco Author
Melanie Borski-Howard Author

Library Storage Facilities

Chandos Information Professional (Series)

Wyoma van Duinkerken Author
Wendi Arant Kaspar Author

Your Technology Outreach...

Erin Berman Author

Splendiferous Speech

Rosemarie Ostler Author

Mental Illness in Young Adult...

Kia Jane Richmond Author

Teaching Coding through Game...

Sarah Kepple Author

American Journalism and "Fake...

Contemporary Debates (Series)

Seth Ashley Author
Jessica Roberts Author

Metaliterate Learning for the...

Thomas P. Mackey Author
Trudi E. Jacobson Author


Sound It Out (Series)

Wiley Blevins Author
Sean O'Neill Illustrator

Pressing Interests

Phoebe Musandu Author

Digital Preservation in...

Jeremy Myntti Editor
Jessalyn Zoom Editor


Lee Su Kim Author
J. Hall Stephen Author

The Influential Author

Gregory V. Diehl Author

Fiske WordPower

Edward B Fiske Author
Jane Mallison Author

You Can't Bring a Sandwich to...

Secrets of American History (Series)

Laurie Calkhoven Author
Valerio Fabbretti Illustrator

Stephen King, American Master

Stephen Spignesi Author

Public Speaking to Win...

Dale Carnegie Author
Mitch Horowitz Author

Yes, You Can Write!

Become a Writer Today (Series)

Bryan Collins Author

¬°Arriba! Vocabulary

Verena Lechner Author

Oui Love Cuisine

Oui Love French (Series)

Ethan Safron Author

Rock Critic Law

Michael Azerrad Author

How to Self-Publish a...

Barb Drozdowich Author

Out for a Walk

Kim Votry Author
Curt Waller Author

Korean Stories For Language...

Julie Damron Author
EunSun You Author