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House on Haunted Hill

William Castle Director
Robb White Writer of accompanying material

Night of the Living Dead

George Romero Director
George Romero Author

Night Moves

Kelly Reichardt Director
Saemi Kim Producer

Interview with a Hitman

Perry Bhandal Director
Dean Fisher Producer

The Crush

Cary Elwes Actor
Alicia Silverstone Actor

Dead Ringers

Jeremy Irons Actor
Genevieve Bujold Actor

Mystery Road

Ivan Sen Director
Ivan Sen Author

Lawless Range

Sean McGinly Director
Kris Kristofferson Cast Member

Bad Moon

Mariel Hemingway Actor
Michael Pare Actor

Open Windows

Nacho Vigalondo Director
Nacho Vigalondo Other

Black Coal, Thin Ice

Diao Yinan Director
Fan Liao Actor

The Exorcist III

George C. Scott Actor
Ed Flanders Actor

Final Girl

Tyler Shields Director
Abigail Breslin Actor

Zombie Hunter

K. King Director
Chris Le Producer

Wolf Warrior

Jacky Wu Director
Lv Jianmin Producer


Deon Taylor Director
Vince Cirrincione Producer

Child of God

Caroline Aragon Producer
James Franco Director


Timothy Woodward Director
Michey Rourke Actor

Unknown Caller

Oblin Olson Director
Amariah Olson Director

Puppet Master

David Schmoeller Director


Johnny Messner Actor
Dolph Lundregren Actor


Joseph Ruben Director
Michael Baker Producer

The Seasoning House

Paul Hyett Director
Michael Riley Producer

The Lookalike

Richard Gray Director
Mike Gillespie Producer

The City of the Dead

Dennis Lotis Actor
Christopher Lee Actor

Hunting Season

Tom Sizemore Actor
Eduardo Castrillo Director

Sword of Vengeance

Jim Weedon Director
Matthew Reed Writer of accompanying material

Cheap Thrills

E. L. Katz Director
Gabriel Cowan Producer

Things to Come

William Cameror Menzies Director
Alexander Korda Producer


Ariel Kleiman Director
Vincent Cassel Actor


Nick Willing Director
Michelle Carmada Producer


Marilyn Chambers Actor
Frank Moore Actor


Michael Lansu Director
Malik Yoba Actor

Exit 14

Tom Sizemore Actor
Joe Salcedo Director

At Granny's House

Les Mahoney Director
Bill Oberst Actor


Malcom Deegan Director
Peter O'Toole Actor


Hilary Brougher Director
Pamela Koffler Producer


David Field Director
George Basha Actor

Paranormal Island

Marty Murray Director
Lance Henriksen Actor


Ray Sharkey Actor
Judy Landers Actor


Bernard Rose Director
Eric Reese Producer


Raimund Huber Director
Raimund Huber Author

The Binding

Amy Gumenick Actor
Stuart Pankin Actor

The Jokesters

A. J. Wedding Director
Oliver J. Defilippo Writer of accompanying material


Megan Freels Director
Ashley James Actor

The Midnight Man

D. C. Hamilton Director
Will Kemp Actor


Linda J. Nelson Producer
Michael Madison Director

Meet Me There

Lisa Friedrich Actor
Michael Foulk Actor