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The Little Shop of Horrors

Roger Corman Director
Charles Griffith Author


Jason Hul Director
Jay Dobyns Actor

House on Haunted Hill

William Castle Director
Robb White Writer of accompanying material

Night of the Living Dead

George Romero Director
George Romero Author

The Crush

Cary Elwes Actor
Alicia Silverstone Actor

Dead Ringers

Jeremy Irons Actor
Genevieve Bujold Actor


Dennis Quaid Actor
Max von Sydow Actor

Bad Moon

Mariel Hemingway Actor
Michael Pare Actor

Nosferatu the Vampyre

Werner Herzog Director
Werner Herzog Writer of accompanying material

Day of the Dead

George A. Romero Director
Salah M. Hassanein Producer

The Last Man on Earth

Ubaldo B. Ragona Director
Samuel Z. Arkoff Producer

The Exorcist III

George C. Scott Actor
Ed Flanders Actor

Zombie Hunter

K. King Director
Chris Le Producer

Sleepaway Camp

Robert Hiltzik Director
Robert Hiltzik Writer of accompanying material

The Most Dangerous Game

Irving Pichel Director
Ernest B. Schoedsack Director

Zombie Fight Club

Joe Chien Director
Andy On Cast Member

Puppet Master

David Schmoeller Director


Caroline Munro Actor
Christian Stamm Actor

Jack's Back

Rowdy Herrington Director
James Spader Cast Member


Clive Barker Director
Clive Barker Writer of accompanying material

Extraordinary Tales

Raul Garcia Director
Christopher Lee Actor

The Seasoning House

Paul Hyett Director
Michael Riley Producer


Mort Briskin Producer
Bruce Davison Actor

The City of the Dead

Dennis Lotis Actor
Christopher Lee Actor


Takashi Shimizu Director
Massayuki Tanishima Producer

Giant Spider Invasion

Bill Rebane Director
Richard L. Huff Writer of accompanying material


Marcus Nispel Director
Kelly Blatz Actor

Black Christmas

Olivia Hussey Actor
Keir Dullea Actor

London Voodoo

Robert Pratten Director
Helen Pratten Producer


Liz Lehmann Director

The Beyond

Lucio Fulci Director
Al Cliver Actor


Mort Briskin Producer
Lee Montgomery Actor


Kevin Tenney Director
Gerald Geoffray Producer

Bloodsucking Bastards

Brian James Director
Dr. God Writer of accompanying material


Nick Willing Director
Michelle Carmada Producer


Fabrizio Laurenti Director
Harry Spalding Writer of accompanying material


Yoshihiro Nishimura Director
Yoshinori Chiba Director

The Unbidden

Charles Lei Producer
Tamlyn Tomita Actor

The Perfect Husband

Bret Roberts Actor
Gabriella Wright Actor

Rigor Mortis

Juno Mak Director
Juno Mak Producer

Dead Snow 2

Stig Frode Henrikse Author
Vegar Hoel Author

The Final Terror

Andrew Davis Director
Jon George Writer of accompanying material


James Roday Director
Todd Harthan Writer of accompanying material


Marilyn Chambers Actor
Frank Moore Actor

Little Dead Rotting Hood

Jared Cohn Director
Eric Balfour Cast Member

Baby Blues

Po-Chih Leong Director
Bak-Ming Wong Author

Night of the Demons

Kevin Tenney Director
Joe Augustyn Producer

Exit 14

Tom Sizemore Actor
Joe Salcedo Director