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Son of the Oliver Merchant

Mathieu Zeitindjioglou Director
Ana Zeitindjioglou Other

Silent River

Steve Fisher Director
Sofía Enciso Other


Teresa Camou Director

The Suffragettes

Eufrosina Cruz Other
Ana Cruz Director

Memories of a Dreamer

Felix Mora Other
Alisson Larrea Director

To Die in the Desert

Marta Ferrer Director
Los Cardencheros de Sapioriz Musician

Women of the Mine

Eduardo Galeano Commentator
Domitila Chungara Other

Tears of Gaza

Vibeke Løkkeberg Director
Terje Kristiansen Producer


Bettina Perut Director
Iván Osnovikoff Director

Where Should the Birds Fly?

Fida Qishta Director
Mona Samouni Other

The People of the Cloud Forest

Daniel Oliveras de Ita Director

Maize in Times of War

Alberto Cortes Director
Ana Solares Producer

The Years of Fierro

Santiago Esteinou Director
César Fierro Other