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A Simple Life

Ann Hui Director

The Tribe

Myroslav Slaboshpytskiy Director
Yana Novikova Actor

Mood Indigo

Michel Gondry Director

Dangerous Liaisons

Jin-ho Hur Director

Kung Fu Killer

Teddy Chan Director
Ho Leung Lau Writer of accompanying material

Snow Girl and the Dark Crystal

Peter Pau Director
Zhao Tianyu Director

Notre Univers Impitoyable...

Lea Fazer Director
Scalo Delpeyrat Actor

Police Story: Lockdown

Yang Du Director
Ding Shen Director

The Act of Killing

Joshua Oppenheimer Director
Haji Anif Cast Member

Black Coal, Thin Ice

Diao Yinan Director
Fan Liao Actor

War of the Arrows

Han-min Kim Director
Won-suk Jang Producer

Wolf Warrior

Jacky Wu Director
Lv Jianmin Producer

Brotherhood of Blades

Lu Yang Director
Wang Donghui Producer

A Company Man

Sang-yoon Lim Director
Jeong-hun You Producer

White Vengeance

Daniel Lee Director
Susanna Tsang Producer

The Man from Nowhere

Lee Jeong-Beom Director
Lee Tae-hun Producer


Yoon Jong-bin Director
Jeon Cheol-Hong Author

The Connection

Cedric Jimenez Director
Jean Dujardin Actor

The Thieves

Dong-Hoon Choi Director

The Monkey King

Pou-Soi Cheang Director
Donnie Yen Actor

Warriors of the Rainbow

Wei Te-Sheng Director
John Woo Producer


Alex Van Warmerdam Director

The Suspect

Lee Hyun-Myung Director
You Jeong-Hun Director

Z Storm

David Lam Director
Louis Koo Actor

The Taking of Tiger Mountain

Tsui Hark Director
Jianxin Huang Other

The Last Tycoon

Wong Jing Director
Andrew Lau Producer

The Four

Gordan Chan Director
Janet Chun Director


Olivier Assayas Director
Olivier Assayas Writer of accompanying material


Takashi Shimizu Director
Massayuki Tanishima Producer

White Haired Witch

Jianxin Huang Director
Zhang Zhiliang Director

Nothing Bad Can Happen

Katrin Gebbe Director
Katrin Gebbe Author

The Great Magician

Tung-Shing Yee Director

Eastern Bandits

Yang Shupeng Director
Amber Wang Producer

Wu Dang

Patrick Leung Director
Lam Sin Kwok Producer

The Beyond

Lucio Fulci Director
Al Cliver Actor

Tai Chi Hero

Stephen Fung Director
Chen Kuo-Fu Producer

The Chef, the Actor, the...

Guan Hu Director
Aimin Jiao Producer

The Rocket

Charles Biname Director
Roy Dupuis Cast Member

Rigor Mortis

Juno Mak Director
Juno Mak Producer

The Stool Pigeon

Dante Lam Director
Candy Leung Producer

The Front Line

Hun Jang Director
Kim Hyun-chol Producer

Memories of Murder

Bong Joon-ho Director
Shim Sung-bo Writer of accompanying material

Back to 1942

Xiaogang Feng Director
Sanping Han Producer

The Assassin's Blade

Jingle Ma Director

The Rooftop

Jay Chou Director
Huang Zhi Ming Producer

Baby Blues

Po-Chih Leong Director
Bak-Ming Wong Author


Daniel Chan Director
Ng Kin-hung Producer

The Assassins

Linshan Zhao Director