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Spy Kids

Robert Rodriguez Director

The Giver

Phillip Noyce Director
Jeff Bridges Producer

Django Unchained

Quentin Tarantino Director

Seal Team Six

John Stockwell Director

Ghost in the Shell

Richard Epcar Actor
Christopher Joyce Actor


Anthony C. Ferrante Director
Tara Reid Actor

The Magnificent Seven

John Sturges Director
William Roberts Writer of accompanying material

The Adventurer

Michael Sheen Actor
Sam Neill Actor

Camelot, Season 1

Camelot (Series)

Mikael Salomon Director
Ciaran Donnelly Director

Spartacus: Blood and Sand,...

Spartacus (Series)

Rick Jacobson Director
Grady Hall Director

Vampire Academy

Mark Waters Director
Jillian Preger DeFrehn Producer

Catch .44

Aaron Harvey Director

Sherlock Holmes

Rachel Lee Goldenberg Director
Gareth David-Lloyd Actor


Jason Hul Director
Jay Dobyns Actor

The Code

Mimi Leder Director
Morgan Freeman Actor

The Transformers: The Movie

Tom Griffin Actor
Leonard Nimoy Actor

Law Abiding Citizen

F. Gary Gray Director


Neil Marshall Director
Michael Fassbender Actor

Fire on the Amazon

Luis Llosa Director

Battle Royale

Kinji Fukasaku Director

The Colony

Laurence Fishburne Actor
Bill Paxton Actor

Monkey King

Yang Dan Producer
Jackie Chan Actor

Kill the Irishman

Jonathan Hensleigh Director

Bad Lieutenant

Werner Herzog Director
Nicolas Cage Actor

Frank Miller's Sin City: A...

Robert Rodriguez Director
Frank Miller Producer

Brooklyn's Finest

Antoine Fuqua Director

Into the White

Petter Naess Director
Rupert Grint Actor

Good People

Henrik Ruben Genz Director
James Franco Actor

The Numbers Station

John Cusack Actor
Malin Akerman Actor

Spartacus: Vengeance, Season 2

Spartacus (Series)

Michael Hurst Director
Jesse Warn Director

Spartacus: Gods of the Arena,...

Spartacus (Series)

Rick Jacobson Director
Grady Hall Director

Grimm's Snow White

Rachel Goldenberg Director
Jane March Actor


Hellboy (Series)

Tad Stones Director
Phil Weinstein Director

The Son of No One

Dito Montiel Director


Russell Mulcahy Director
William Panzer Producer

A Farewell to Arms

Frank Borzage Director
Helen Hayes Actor

10.0 Earthquake

Henry Ian Cusick Actor
David Chokachi Actor


Mateo Gil Director
Sam Shepard Actor

Zombie Apocalypse

Nick Lyon Director
Ving Rhames Actor

Border Run

Gabriela Tagliavini Director

Sharknado 3

Anthony C. Ferrante Director
Tara Reid Actor

5 Days of War

Renny Harlin Director

The Timber

Anthony O'Brien Director
Josh Peck Actor

Black Plague

Lena Headey Actor
Jason Flemyng Actor

Call of the Wild

Ken Annakin Director
Charltson Heston Actor

Battle Of Los Angeles

Mark Atkins Director
Kel Mitchell Actor

Officer Down

Brian A. Miller Director


Luke Hemsworth Actor
Trace Adkins Actor