The Howling Himalayan and...

Angela DeFina Author

Bad Luck Unstoppable!

Keyon Patterson Author

"I'll Do It All Tomorrow"

Marie McGifford Author

What Do I Tell People......?

Lisa Jackson Author

Toby and the Miracle

Jim Stratton Illustrator
Joe Poston Author

Abc Word Book

Pamela D. Cotton-Roberts EdD Author

Ursula Unwinds Her Anger

Kristina Marcelli Sargent Author

Charlie and the Bully

Penny Granecki Author


Qye Harris Author
William Guilford Illustrator

The Bird That Could Not Fly

Ruth Youyou Author
Herbert Brown Illustrator

The Heath Cousins and the...

Eileen Hobbs Author


Cindy Graves Author
Frances Espanol Illustrator

We Do That, Too

Billy Sapz Author
Genesis Ray Pelobello Illustrator

Angel the Siberian Husky

CH Renner Author

Mr. Pickles Is President!

Bertha Phillips Author
Demi Weathers Author

Mee Mee'S Trip to the Dentist

Melissa Solomon Author
Di'Ara Solomon Illustrator

The Adventures of Jay and Gizmo

Kristi White Author
James S. Brown Author

The Bully'S Nightmare

Angela Forshee Author

The Awesome Amazing...

Dr. Tonya Swanson Author


Diane Robbins Author

I Will Survive

Maya Engenheiro Author

Lil' Miss Skunk and the...

Joel Ray Pellerin Illustrator
J.L. Blevins Author

Adventures in Boogieland

A.R. Bey Author

The Magic of Mister Taloo

Meatball Author

The Kourageous Koala

Alycia Lallas Author

Happy Father's Day

Kevin Norris Author

Mom! What Is . . .? Volume 2

Carol Lee Author
Daniel Majan Illustrator

How Many Marbles Do You Have?

Melinda Malott Author
Charles W. Lapp MD Illustrator

Landon, the Superhero of the...

Titus Andrew M. Bonifacio Author


Gary D. Bergquist Author
Lenore Bergquist Barney Illustrator

I Loveee My Nappy Hair!

Elizabeth Festus Author
Tyshaun Tyson Illustrator

We Saved a Robin

Hadeel Ahemed Author

I Never Felt Loved

Dorothy A. Burdette-Boyd Author

The Butterfly Garden

Jamie L. Turner Author
RuthAnne Allred Illustrator

Family One Family Two

Erica Gibbons Author
Kate Maruskin Illustrator

The Cat, the Fish and the...

Christian Bergues Illustrator
Marianna Bergues Author

My Nappy Crown

Dr. Carol A. Kotlowski Author
Rumar Yongco Illustrator

No Christmas in Tonga

Cyrus Author

Aiden'S Dinosaur Adventures

Diane Griffin Author
Gabriel Parame Illustrator


Karen D. Gaskins Author

The Case of the Ghoulish Mirror

Joe Hardin Author
Gary Campbell Author

Metina the Small Butterfly

Susan C. Anderson Author